Kenya Unapologetic About Friendship With Israel

Amina_MohamedNice sound byte from the Kenyan Foreign Minister:

The Kenyan foreign minister added that the country was unapologetic about their relationship with Israel.

“We are not going to apologise for being friends with Israel and other nations,” said Amina Mohammed.

Nice, but shows just what a screwed up, topsy turvy world we live in.

Think about it for a second.

Islamic terrorists linked to Al Qaeda have stormed a shopping center, murdering close to 100 innocent people, and Kenya feels the need to apologize for being friends with Israel?

Kenya has diplomatic relations with countries like Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Any apologies over friendship should involve those terror supporting lands.

And yes, I know it’s Realpolitik, but that only goes to prove my point about the state of the world.

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  • Norman B.

    This screwed up world is perfectly described in the Second Psalm, with King David’s spot on response.

  • juvanya

    Coming from a name like hers makes it even more special. The extremists have been tipping their hand and losing support.

    • juvanya

      She also is ethnic Somali apparently.

      • Jennifer

        YOU are what is wrong with this world.