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Photo Of The Day: Lorraine McFlies To Israel Edition

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America’s Voices in Israel – an organization about which I have blogged extensively – have brought a new bumper crop of celebrities to Israel to help spread the good word to those who desperately need to hear it.

Today, they posted this photo and caption on their Facebok page:

hollywood celebrities

Our latest group has arrived in Israel! Follow their journey here! #amvoicesinisrael

I did not recognize any of these celebrities except for Lea Thompson, who I will always know (and love) for playing Lorraine McFly in the Back to The Future trilogy.

I will certainly be following up on this.

Update: Via the America’s Voices in Israel website:

A contingent of well-known prime-time TV and movie stars led by award-winning actress Lea Thompson (“Switched at Birth”, “Back to the Future”), her husband, Howard Deutch, who has directed music videos and films starring Billy Idol, Bruce Willis and Selena Gomez, and their two talented daughters, actress Zoey Deutch, who is starring in the much anticipated movie adaptation of the New York Times best-seller “Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters” and musician Madelyn Deutch, have arrived in Israel to partake in the next “America’s Voices in Israel” week-long journey across the Holy Land.

Other prominent members of the group include: C.S. Lee co-star of the cult hit TV series, “Dexter”, Vivian Bang, who co-stars in “Sullivan & Son”, and Anson Mount, who is the lead actor in “Hell on Wheels”.

One incoming link

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