Hamas Refers To 9-Year Old Girl Shot By Terrorist As “Settler”


From the Hamas website:

Ramallah- A Jewish female settlers was seriously wounded on Saturday in a possible sniper attack in Psagot settlement to the northeast of Ramallah city, the Israeli police claimed.

The Israeli police are still investigating all options, including the possibility that the Psagot settlement was infiltrated by a Palestinian resistance fighter, according to different media reports.

The Israeli settler was shot outside her dwelling and taken to an Israeli hospital in occupied Jerusalem. Israelis claim she is in critical condition, although media pictures of her show otherwise.

The “Jewish female settler” mentioned was, of course, 9-year-old Noam Glick, pictured below .


Yep, Hamas relates to all Israelis – young and old alike – as “settlers”, worthy of extermination.

Mind you, so does Mahamoud Abbas’ Fatah.

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