Hamas Refers To 9-Year Old Girl Shot By Terrorist As “Settler”

From the Hamas website:

Ramallah- A Jewish female settlers was seriously wounded on Saturday in a possible sniper attack in Psagot settlement to the northeast of Ramallah city, the Israeli police claimed.

The Israeli police are still investigating all options, including the possibility that the Psagot settlement was infiltrated by a Palestinian resistance fighter, according to different media reports.

The Israeli settler was shot outside her dwelling and taken to an Israeli hospital in occupied Jerusalem. Israelis claim she is in critical condition, although media pictures of her show otherwise.

The “Jewish female settler” mentioned was, of course, 9-year-old Noam Glick, pictured below .


Yep, Hamas relates to all Israelis – young and old alike – as “settlers”, worthy of extermination.

Mind you, so does Mahamoud Abbas’ Fatah.

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  • http://ebbenmaradtunk.wordpress.com/ Pensive

    The only reason they wrote about the event that this was a classy opportunity to write resistance fighter, settler, and occupied Jerusalem.

  • Benny

    When it comes to hateful rhetoric, Hamas and Fatach take a back seat to Richard Silverstein.

    Rabbi Ovadia Yosef was still warm in his grave when Silverstein spewed in his latest blog post:

    “Yosef was the rabbi of a racist, hateful religion that disdained non-Jews as something less than human”

    • deedee

      “racist, hateful religion” … So Dick hates Judaism and Jews, after all? and not just Israel?

      • Istra Belagena

        Deeyock has his own, custom-made brand of “Judaism”—the lefty brand based on the version of the Bible where all the passages about the Jews’ rights to the Land of Israel are cut out, along with the entire book of Joshua where it is detailed how exactly those rights were realized the first time. (No, telling the Canaanites we deserved the land because of our 210 years of slavery in Egypt wasn’t how it was done.)

        • Harry

          You are right, Istra.

          In the same post, Silverstein rants”Judaism as practiced in Israel by many of its Orthodox adherents is little more than a racket… Not my Judaism, that’s for sure.”

          Silverstein’s version of Judaism, apparently, is one of slander, distortion, exaggeration — and self-adulation.

    • Mohammed the Teddy-Bear

      ““Yosef was the rabbi of a racist, hateful religion that disdained non-Jews as something less than human.””

      DUDE! I always thought the religion of R’ Yosef ( עַלֵב הָשָׁלוֹם ) was Judaism, NOT Leftism!

  • Istra Belagena

    Hamas refers to 9-year-old girl… and so do BBC, the Guardian, HuffPo, Daily Kos and the list goes on. All with a menacing subtext: “It is permissible to attack them—they are occupying another people’s land.” Neo-Nazi sheikh Qaradawi’s pronouncement that every Jew in Israel is a soldier is now the norm.

    Maybe it’s time for us to leave the precepts of misplaced moralism and humanitarianism. I mean, we just can’t afford them any longer. Maybe we should start seeing our being surrounded as something that simplifies our problem, to paraphrase Chesty.

    • Norman B.

      At the very least, Israel should expel foreign reporters who use hateful terminology.

  • http://hertzlinger.blogspot.com Joseph Hertzlinger

    It might make sense to keep children in a safer part of Israel.

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