Islamic Jihad WTF Moment


When they’re not busy parading on Fathi Shqaqi’s 18th deathniversary.. er, scrap that.

While celebrating Fathi Shqaqi’s 18 deathniversary, Islamic Jihad, like Hamas, like the show of force in their tricked out chromed tipped pick-up trucks.

They see me rollin'
They see me rollin’
They hatin'
They hatin’
How many terrorists can you fit in the back of one pickup?
How many terrorists can you fit in the back of one pickup?
Depends if they're dead or not.
Depends if they’re dead or not.

Then there’s this.

When you see it...
When you see it…

Spot anything wrong with the image?

The scope of this error is amazing

Unless they are trying to shoot something that’s 2 feet away, I would suggest this PIJami flip the direction of his scope, as he put it on the wrong way round – back to front. This is how a scope should be on a sniper rifle of that kind:

Narrow side towards you, thick part away
Narrow side towards you, thick part away

And yes, that is indeed an Iranian “Sayyad”, a Steyr HS .05 anti material sniper rifle knock-off. Gee, I wonder where they got them from.

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