Hi, I’m New Here, An Arab Zionist and Former Muslim

pic for israellycoolHello everyone! I’m the guy in Dave’s last post (the pro-Israel one, not the other nincompoop!). Dave was impressed with my videos and asked that I join the team. I told him “Hell, yeah!”

Just to tell you a little about myself: I have an Islamic background and I went to Muslim schools in the UK, from age 7 to 16. When I first started, the indoctrination began, and I was taught to hate and demonize Jews and other “infidels” (but the main focus was on Jews). I was also warned against buying certain products, such as Jaffa oranges and many others. By the time I was 10-12, this was the height of my antisemitism. I was paranoid and believed everything I was taught.

In 1996, at age 14,  there was a war in Lebanon. Hezbollah was firing rockets into Israel and Israel retaliated. Our Imam told us that the head of Hezbollah would march into Tel Aviv and then Jerusalem by the next week. Of course, a week later Hezbollah had suffered a humiliating defeat. Yet the Imam came out with the same rhetoric. Our Islamic teacher, though, had a different view – he was more despondent and angry, and told us that if we fight the Jews then it is ok ‘to kill them and to drink their blood.’

I could go on and on about the lies and propaganda fed to us, but that same year, I called the Israeli embassy (out of curiosity), wanting their side of the story. I soon lost interest.

The summer of that year, I started following football (soccer). The team I began to admire, Ajax Amsterdam, not only was founded by Jews but had the Star of David as its symbol. This didn’t matter to me as I was keen to learn more about the club and their history.

Moving forward to 1999, I was in Jordan and one day the neighborhood erupted in joy. I thought it was a wedding at first, but it turned out that there was a suicide attack in Israel. They started handing out sweets to us, and I went inside to see the tv and the carnage that was going on, while around me everyone was joyful. At this point I thought to myself “Aren’t we dehumanizing ourselves if we are dehumanizing other people?”

In 2003, there was the war in Iraq, the country in which I was born. Me and my friend were angry at the time, and started ranting about USA and UK foreign policies. My friend then blamed Israel. I objected and he started yelling at me. We argued, and he labelled me a Zionist. We started to drift away after that, but I decided I was going to recognize Israel and supports its existence, even though I didn’t agree with its policies.

In 2006, my friends came over from Amsterdam, and we were going to watch Ajax play at the Emirates Stadium. On the same day, my father asked me if i would like to join him at a Hezbollah demonstration, and I refused simply because I was more interested in seeing the game with my friends. But from 2003, I would wrestle with myself on the situation of Israel, since it was shoved in our faces here in the UK.

At this point, I met someone online, who showed me new things I had never seen before, especially Honest Reporting.  I then did some extensive research, and realised that being anti Israel was most often antisemitism. Today it’s the boycott of Israel, but in the 1930s it was the boycott of Jewish businesses. There are many other examples like The Times newspaper with a cartoon of Ariel Sharon drinking the blood of a palestinian child. You get my drift.

Anti semites start their hatred against Jews and then they go after other minorities. Being a member of a minority group in the UK, it makes sense for me to stand with Israel, and expose the lies and propaganda. Furthermore, if we look at recent history in America, Jews were prominent for the rights of African Americans. In South Africa, Jews spearheaded the campaign against Apartheid. Over here in the UK, Jews were the first to stand up against BNP fascists.

So there you have it ladies and gentleman, my story in a nutshell. I am very happy to now be part of Israellycool, and I look forward to posting on here from now on.

But for now, here is my latest video, in which I take on Jenny Tonge and her supporters.

About Oranjee1089

Born a Muslim, Orangee1089 is now a passionate Arab Zionist, a staunch supporter of Israel all the way from the UK. He can also be seen taking on the Israel haters and BDSholes in his YouTube videos

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31 December 2013 at 12:12pm
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  • https://jewsdownunder.wordpress.com/ Shirl in Oz

    Welcome. I already subscribe to your YouTube channel after seeing you on another video. You made a video outside John Lewis, Oxford St. Roberta, who was on it, is a good friend of mine was with you.I am speaking with her this evening

  • http://anneinpt.wordpress.com anneinpt

    Wow! This is great! I stand in awe at your life-story and how you turned your opinions around Oranjee1089. That is not easy for anyone to do, and in an environment which is so hostile and which involves standing up to your family and close friends, and possibly even risking physical injury, you have been positively heroic.

    Kol hakavod to you on your efforts at combatting anti-Zionism (aka antisemitism as you so accurately defined it). I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 videos posted on Israellycool and I look forward to many more of your entertaining and educational videos.

    Have you ever heard of Kassim Hafiz? You remind me of him. I think he set up an organization of British Muslims for Israel, though I’m not sure if it’s still in existence.

  • deedee

    Wow, Oranjee, I applaud your independent thinking and bravery. I look forward to your future posts!

    Have you ever visited Israel?

  • Asher

    That’s good. So you’re atheist or agnostic? I’m sorry you had such unpleasant experience at a young age

  • cba

    Marhaba, ya Oranjee.

  • Jim_from_Iowa

    Oh dear, a soccer fan. It seems radical Islam was not the only thing in which you were indoctrinated in your youth. American football is real football. Tom Brady would never support Hezbollah.

    • cba

      Jim, I forgive you because I love you and because you can’t, after all, help the fact that you’re American.

      But c’mon… what part of FOOTball don’t you understand?


    • Mar Vista Mustang

      Jim, you’re back! Welcome back!

    • walt kovacs

      i was going through blumenthals archives, when lo and behold…there was jim

      max had pretty much banned everyone else who had expressed pro israel thoughts, except for jim

      i always thought that jim intrigued max, and he was hoping for a date….but that didnt stop max from allowing his willing thralls to attack jim…some of it bordering on homophobia

      • Jim_from_Iowa

        I think Max’s site went belly-up due to his inactivity. Wasn’t much fun there anyway. A prime example of when the Left attacks their own when they don’t toe the line on supposed left-wing ideology. Why so many on the Left find a need to attack Israel still mystifies me, particularly when you see who Israel’s enemies are in the world.

  • AJ – Raalte

    Ahalan, Orangee! Chapeau.

  • Benny

    If more people were as clearsighted and open-minded as you are, the world would be a better place. You are doing real tikun olam.

    Good luck in introducing fairness and intellectual honesty to those you encounter — one brainwashed mind at a time.

    You’ve got guts. I pray that your bravery wins you only the respect and admiration you deserve — and I look forward to more posts from you.

  • Davieboy

    You’re are a real star and a very brave guy. Thanks for standing tall in the face of extreme adversity. I am metaphorically shaking your hand right now!

  • Norman B.

    Welcome to the side of truth and justice. Your own people need you to move forward into the 21st Century.

  • Dima

    Too bad there’s not more people like you. I blame moderate muslims more than fundamentalists. Moderate muslims make up the majority but are too scared to actually speak out in the name of justice and righteousness.

  • Rachel

    I couldn’t get through that video because of the disgusting audience of self satisfied anti semites pretending to be upset over “injustice” and Palestinians. If they were really upset over Palestinians, they would concentrate on constructively building their own country and society instead of destroying Israel.
    Just want to say a big thank you. It is incredibly hard to be in the minority speaking out.
    One of the many insightful things you wrote was about how the Palestinian conflict was constantly pushed in your face. I imagine this was done both by the British media as well as by the school you went to. I think the British media has a lot to answer for. I remember it too in Britain.

  • Shai

    Hi Oranjee1089 I was wondering – Are you a Christian?

  • J.

    A bit futile trying to introduce balance at a Tongefest – but way to go!

    Your personal story is very interesting. One of the most interesting parts of it is that throughout your education you had antisemitism and antizionism shoved down your throat and any attempt on your part to introduce critical thinking was deemed heresy – Zionist, used as an epithet. The same is true of the behavior of the Tongefest congregants – any opposing viewpoint is treated with vilification – out! out! out!

    In total contrast, throughout my (Jewish) education I was taught to always look at BOTH sides of an argument, to consider pros and cons of both.

    Which is why I am a Zionist.

  • walt kovacs

    i wish you werent a former muslim.

    only way to enact change is from within

    hope you rethink your decision

  • IronyDome

    Ahlan wa sahlan ya Oranjee!

    You are awesome. Proving that “Arab Zionist” is not an oxymoron! We’ll see you around, inshal–wait…insha haShem? Hahahaha

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