Goodbye Star


It has been quite a long time since I referred to the dreaded “C” word on here, but this latest post by my wife deserves even wider airplay.

Erika&StellaIf ever I had a doubt about the power of prayer, from this day forward I can never doubt again. In my real life, I have seen miracles performed and I’ve witnessed the efficacy of prayer even beyond it’s desired duration. Her name means, star, in Latin and her ability to shine effortlessly both in health (as I’m told) and in sickness (as I know to be a fact) is only one of the things that makes Stella so special.

As I write this, with an aching heart, Stella lies in her bed, at home, neither in this world or the next. The beloved wife, cherished young mother, treasured friend, and admired woman that is Stella slipped into a coma after a courageous and miraculous dance with the beast that is Cancer. I can call it a dance because as I see it, Stella is not the type of person to raise a voice let alone a fist. Stella seems to gracefully dance away from the aggressive cancer that  is destined to eventually end her life. Without any reason that any of us can comprehend or accept, Stella’s physical body continues to dance a now macabre and torturous Waltz with the beast that has left her ravished and unable to live on this earth.

As documented in Stella’s best friend and beloved husband, Yarden’s, blog, Crossing The Yarden, Stella’s journey is abundant with miracles that cannot be explained by doctors or scientists. Now, Yarden has asked that we stop praying for miracles. It’s time for each and everyone who knows Stella to say goodbye and make peace with the fact that we’ve all been blessed to witness the many miracles that Stella showed us but our prayers for more miracles are perhaps too bold and brass and the time has come to make peace and let go. There is no valor in keeping Stella here, on earth any longer. It’s time to pray for G-d’s mercy on Stella who lived a life of grace, elegance, and clarity and deserves to cross over to eternal paradise that is the World to Come.

Read the whole thing.

Miracles do happen and angels do walk among us.

Stella has been a testament to both these things.

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