Iran Set for Boom in 10 Easy Steps


The Iranian oil industry is set for a boom in sales.

I went to hear Emily Landau, a senior research associate at the Institute for National Security Studies – INSS and director of the Arms Control and Regional Security Project speak at The Jerusalem Press Club in  Jerusalem, Israel.

She has published and lectured extensively on nuclear proliferation, arms control efforts, regional security in the Middle East and many related topics. Plus, her current research focuses on regional dynamics and processes in the Middle East, and recent trends in global nuclear arms control thinking, including the nuclear ambitions of determined proliferators.

picture Emily Landau, photo Iran expert, image INSS

I was hoping for some “news-worthy” insights and information, but instead, after her remarks, all I could think to share is what I was thinking and did not say, here in italics.


EL – Emily Landau first mentioned the loss of Arik.

      Sure his death totally took over the Israeli news, because better Arik than Arak?


EL – The P5 + 1 Deal in Geneva got Obama what he wanted, an “interim deal,”  so it was a success for the US President.

     Yes, but that deal says nothing about Iran continuing to “test,” only that they cannot “operate” in Nataz. 


EL – Iran has for 10 years been advancing its military aspirations.

     So now they might negogiatel? 


EL – Pressure here is the key, Assad had chemical weapons and dismantled them, under the threat of military intervention.

    .. well, sorta.


EL – Ok, there are problems, Iran will not sit quietly, but will “haggle” over details and we should expect “fuzzy” and “grey” areas.

      Like there are TWO versions of what was agreed to in Geneva already!


EL – This certainly should be a “red-flag” to everyone, it will be difficult to catch Iran in non-compliance.

      Duh, look at the UN and the IAEA”s  track record until now!


EL – Then, there is Israel.  Bibi’s tone is most problematic and he must tone down his rhetoric. Israeli Prime Minister is not saying anything that world leaders do not know.

       All  this has been said at UN over last ten years, but he must tone down!


EL – Iran has been “cheating the international community for years.”

      Iran is really special. I said it stopped something in 2003, that it said it never had!


EL – Rouhani smiles at the UN and says there is no nuclear program, and uses this tactical move as a stalling technique.

      Want to take bets on how many undeclared nuclear facilities there are? Just be sure to start with the 3 known ones.


EL – So the world has an “interim deal” and is talking, meanwhile Iran is very close to break out and having its sanctions lifted. Obama has not shown he would really take military action.

        Oh well, but then, look at the situations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Egypt.

photo INSS expert, image INSS,

The following question that I asked of the speaker was not original and got a big laugh. But I did not get a good answer.

“The Iranians are amazing rug makers. They have it in their blood. They have endless patience to sit and work one thread at a time to complete their vision no matter how long it takes.

Does the US President or those in the Western World know or comprehend that?


Meanwhile, for the Israelis it was so much easier to listen to the music of Arik Einstein all day, rather than think about Geneva and that Arak.

The world maybe watching and waiting, but it is all about the economy stupid!


The bottom line is that hundreds of businesses are ready to pounce and make money in Iran.

So please, why does Iran need nuclear power plants?


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