When Cops Don’t Work Hard

“Because a young child was wounded the police worked hard to catch the criminals, and by 2 a.m. the next morning four teenagers, aged 15 to 17, were under arrest,” wrote Seth Frantzman in his Terra Incognita column in yesterday’s Jerusalem Post.

Avigail Ben Zion sustained a head injury when a crowd of Arab youths stoned the Ben Zion family car in Jerusalem.

Avigail Ben Zion sustained a head injury when a crowd of Arab youths stoned the Ben Zion family car in Jerusalem.

I like Seth Frantzman. I don’t always agree with him, but he always makes me think. I prefer that to having my own views regurgitated back at me at regular intervals. Reading his work also helps distract me from my own writing work at Kars for Kids.

Here Frantzman refers to the stoning by Arabs of a Jewish car in a Jerusalem neighborhood, in which a 2 year-old baby sustained a head wound. The above cause and effect statement caught me up short. Is there an inverse theory to the idea expressed therein? Do the police expend less effort in catching those who attempt to murder Jews when no one gets hurt, or when an adult is injured? Is the effort only made when the attack occurs within the Green Line?

Does the type of injury count? Is a head wound worse than say, an ugly facial scar, or the loss of a finger? Excuse me for being graphic here, but that sentence really set me wondering. It made me think about the priorities of my government, who it is willing to protect, and how.

Brian of London made the point that had the police only gone vigorously after the Arab wannabe lynchers who “accidentally” attacked the Palestinian couple who looked too Jewish, Avigail Ben Zion would not now be lying in a hospital bed. I concur. Because when criminals are pursued and prosecuted with the full vigor of the law, it serves as a deterrent factor and drives down crime.

Asher Yonatan Palmer

Asher and Yonatan Palmer, killed when their car was stoned. It happened over the Green Line, so police at first procrastinated about viewing the murder as an intentional, nationalistic crime.

Note that crime in Judea and Samaria is up 120%. I live in Judea and have for the past 28 years which is why I don’t need statements from senior IDF commanders to tell me that crime is way up in my area. I have personally attended some of the rallies and protests related to the recent surge of nationalistic crimes by Arabs against Jewish drivers in Yesha (Judea and Samaria).

It doesn’t help that settlers have their hands tied. God forbid that we should shoot the people who threaten us on the road. If we do, we are arrested, while the police just don’t work too hard to find those who would kill us with stones, Molotov cocktails, bombs, knives, or guns.

And when we get arrested, it is reported that we merely “claim” we shot in self-defense, thus giving lie to the idea that rocks are thrown to kill. Rock-throwing is not a hobby, as much as Jodi Rudoren of the NY Times would wish us to believe. Rock-throwing is attempted murder. Every time it happens.

Similarly, it doesn’t help when the government releases Jew-murderers from prison. What will stop these released killers from going out to murder more Jews when they know that with the slightest nudge from Abbas and Kerry, they can get out of jail free? The murderers win and the victims and would be victims, God forbid, lose.

Adele Biton sustained a severe head injury when her mom's car was stoned.

Adele Biton sustained a severe head injury when her mom’s car was stoned.

And then, of course, we confront a dishonest and persistent narrative by the world media that is a study in opposites. The settler, who builds a home and lives in his historic heartland, is demonized as the evil perpetrator, an “occupier,” while those who attempt to murder him and dream of a Judenrein state are portrayed as victims and “freedom fighters.”

I don’t want to moan and groan about this state of affairs any longer. I want my country to adequately protect me and my children. We know what’s going on here: our government fears to upset the international community so it doesn’t defend its citizens and doesn’t allow its citizens to defend themselves. If the police arrest Arab boys for rock-throwing, the world is going to scream to the heavens, call it Apartheid, and talk about little boys at “play” being treated like the criminals they are by the IDF or the Israeli police.

Eviatar Borovsky

Evyatar Borovsky, a father of five, was stabbed to death while waiting for his ride to pick him up.

But ah, when a little girl is hurt in the head, then the government feels it has a little leeway to act against the perpetrators.  Then the police will work hard to catch those terrorists no matter their nationality or age.

It’s time for the Israeli government and its police force to get their priorities straight. The number one priority should be ensuring the safety of Israelis and Jews. Because we already know that the world will not. Witness the Geneva agreement.

Don’t encourage the violence by looking the other way when it happens over the green line, or because the injured is an adult. And for heaven’s sake, don’t release terrorists from prison.

We can only count on ourselves.

About Varda Epstein

A third-generation-born Pittsburgher on her mother’s mother’s side, Varda moved to Israel 34 years ago and is a crazy political animal who spams people with right wing political articles on Facebook in between writing about education as the communications writer at Kars for Kids, raising her 12 children, and noshing constantly on fried food


  • J B

    I couldn’t finish reading your post because everything I read so far hits so deeply.

    Since the last terrorist release I cannot help but feel that the government has already given up, not altogether thankfully, but that was a red line to me. If we don’t even have the national will to even keep convicted murders in jail, then we have no deterrence at all, and no real sovereignty in this land.

    May G-d help us to turn this around, and fast.

    • Varda Epstein

      Amen, J.B.

  • Istra Belagena

    When, in the formative years pre-state, the Ultra-Orthodox had warned of a state of the Jews not guided by Jewish precepts, the Religious Zionists countered that the secular state would serve for the ingathering of the Jewish people from the four corners of the earth and the establishment of renewed Jewish political sovereignty in Eretz Yisrael. Unanticipated, however, was the prospect of a government by Jews who would turn their backs, not just on Jewish Law but on secular Zionism!

    Our wish for a leadership that would do everything in the interests of Jewish national existence, without heed to what the outside world would say or do, is at this point a wish for a total overhaul of both the leadership and the laws of governance. Even so small a change as the death penalty for Arab terrorists is a radical one. This overhaul, even when wished for by secular Jews in Israel, amounts to a prayer for the restoration of Davidic authority. Thus we can see how all Jews in Israel who aren’t of suicidal-Left persuasion are now in a sure process of convergence.

    It is always darkest before the dawn.

    • Varda Epstein

      I’m not sure we’re all in a “sure process of convergence” but I agree with your comments about Zionism. Hope you’re right about the dawn!

  • http://anneinpt.wordpress.com anneinpt

    Excellent article Varda. As they say in Ivrit, כל מילה בסלע. Every word is written in stone (though not a stone to be thrown…).

    As we have seen, just like Antisemitic violence begins with the Jews but doesn’t end with the Jews, the anti-Jewish violence that we have seen in Yesha is now spreading into the “Green Line”. This week it was in Jerusalem, Who knows where else it will spread? Because of the police apathy and incompetence in dealing with the Palestinian violence from the beginning, or because of their belittling the violence because the victims were “only” “settlers”, they’re going to have a much harder time eradicating the violence as it spreads to “regular” Israelis G-d forbid.

    • Varda Epstein

      Thanks, Anne. It seems pretty hopeless. I can’t see them changing their priorities any time soon. They’re too tied to the apron strings of world opinion.

  • Travis

    Carry a gun, learn how to use it and shoot to kill the next time your life is threatened (and ask questions later). Assume the worst for young Arabs milling around by the side of the road and don;t expect Peepee Cacayoyo to help you.

    • Varda Epstein

      Travis, they’ve tied our hands. When we shoot, we are prosecuted.

  • F Callen

    Just shoot them and drive on.

    • Varda Epstein

      If only we could.

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