Deebo (aka AntiIsrael Douchebag)


Hello all, I’m Deebo the new contributor here on Israellycool.  I previously posted here as a Reader Post as “AntiIsrael Douchebag”. You may already be following me on Twitter at @notantisemitic.  If not. You have exactly 3 seconds to click that link and hit follow or else I get Justin Bieber to perform a second show in Israel.

A little about me:

  • I made Aliyah in 2010 from Canada to Israel with my cat.
  • I am the 3rd Israellycool contributor to drive an electric car currently powered by hopes and dreams.
  • I’m in a rock band. Listen here.
  • Likes: Salat Shuk from Aroma, this commercial
  • Dislikes: the fact you still can’t buy hemp hearts in Israel, making introductory posts.

OK, that’s it… now let the real posts begin.


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