Misleading Headline of The Day

..is this one, courtesy of the Times of Israel.


Without reading further, I would imagine the report deals with the tragic tale of a college kid who lost his testicles while serving in the IDF.

But not even close.

An Israeli playing basketball at Seton Hall University was ordered to return home to serve in the army.

The Israel Defense Forces told Tom Maayan, a sophomore guard at the New Jersey college, to return by Jan. 2 to be drafted.

Maayan had spent several months over the summer in basic training with the Israeli army but received a 120-day exemption to start the season at Seton Hall. He reportedly had expected another after lobbying for the exemption granted to exceptional athletes.

On the Times of Israel site, the report is attributed to JTA. But the same report appears on the JTA site with the less ridiculous headline Israeli army calls Seton Hall basketball player’s number.

So I’m guessing this is yet another example of the Times of Israel trying to be funny, instead of a respected and reputable news site.

I have dispensed this advice to the Times on a number of occasions, clearly on deaf ears: stick to credible reporting. Leave the one-liners and puns to us bloggers.

Because, let’s face it, this attempt at humor was plain embarrassing.

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