Roger Waters Receives Seal Of Approval From David Duke

Mazal tov to Roger Waters for making it to antisemite David Duke’s website, for his choice words against Rabbis and the “Jewish lobby.”

david duke

He joins an illustrious list to be mentioned on Duke’s antisemitic site, including the Doucheblogger,TM  (, Gilad Atzmon ( and Max Blumenthal (

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  • J B

    Look at that. Not being a visitor to David Duke’s Website, I’d never before seen his slogan “For human freedom and diversity”.

    Even the freakin’ KKK has learned to market itself in the language of human rights!

  • Travis

    So the Little Boy Who Would be Hitler is a Roger Waters fan, who would’ve thought that?

  • Benny

    Maybe even Waters will be a bit uncomfortable when he sees who endorses his comments.

    • E Pluribus Wombat

      You would be wrong. Waters is in fact proud.

  • walt kovacs

    well, at least duke noted the jewish lobby comment

    not a single jewish media outlet, except this one, did

    waters is filth

  • jpl
  • Joseph Hertzlinger

    Dr. Duke? There’s a joke in there trying to come out.

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