Australian Cattle Tortured In Gaza

Rights activists are speaking out about torture, killings and brutality in Gaza.

cattle torture gazaNew footage allegedly showing the torture of Australian cattle in Gaza will today be released by animal rights activists, who have lodged an extensive legal complaint with government claiming industry regulations are not preventing cattle being subjected to “sadistic treatment” overseas.

Animals Australia has issued a complaint to the Department of Agriculture, claiming it has proof Australian cattle were stabbed in the eyes, “knee-capped” with an assault rifle, strangled and brutally slaughtered during the religious Eid al Adha festival in the Gaza Strip in October.

“There are no words to adequately describe the carnage in these videos and the scale of abuse endured by Australian cattle,” the group’s campaign director, Lyn White, said. “It is shocking and completely harrowing to watch.”

The footage has been provided to all MPs and senators, with a call to reignite the debate about the live export trade.

It is understood a number of government MPs have already replied to Animals Australia expressing concern about a string of recent media reports but expressing the Coalition’s continued support for the trade.

The footage obtained by Animals Australia shows one bull with a distinctive Australian ear-tag suffering 102 cuts to his throat with a blunted knife in a makeshift slaughterhouse.

The animal, remained conscious throughout the killing.

Dozens of YouTube clips of cattle being slaughtered in Gaza were uploaded by civilians in October, triggering a report in the Israeli media on the abuse of cattle, including Australian, in Gaza.

After the report in the Israeli media surfaced, one exporter to the region, Livestock Shipping Services, released a statement declaring the company was “proactively reconfirming the integrity of its supply chains”.

“LSS has made a self-report to the Department of Agriculture that there is potential for non-compliance with ESCAS if some of the activities reported online involve Australian cattle in Gaza,” the statement, released last month, said.

Ms White said the industry was “making fools of politicians” and they had a moral imperative to act. Animals Australia has now lodged a legal complaint in relation to breaches of the supply chain protocols put in place to safeguard the welfare of animals after the livestock trade to Indonesia was suspended in 2011.

“The ineffectiveness of Australian regulations is obvious,” Ms White said.

An Australian beef industry website last night reported the peak industry body, the Australian Livestock Exporters Council, received three videos of the mistreatment of cattle last month and forwarded the material to the department.

ALEC says it is concerned the animals could be Australian but the footage was not clear enough to confirm if they were.

Warning: Extremely graphic scenes

Nahoul would be proud.

No doubt this will be blamed on Israel by the palestinians. Somehow. Just like we saw in this report on the rise in honor killings in Gaza.

I am glad we have animals rights activists speaking out against this needless cruelty. It is sickening.

I only wish more rights activists would speak out against the other types of killings and cruelty emanating from Gaza, including terror attacks against Israeli civilians, honor killings, and “collaborator” executions.

Update: Apparently, many palestinians were harmed in the making of this video (you see what I did there?)

At least 125 Palestinians in Gaza were wounded while torturing and slaughtering cattle in the streets as part of the Muslim holiday of Eid al Adha, Palestinian media reported.

Gaza has five official slaughterhouses, but wait times were hours long, so a great many Gazans decided to do their own public butchering for the holiday, which is typically accompanied by much feasting.


The cattle predictably responded by attacking their tormenters. The bloody scenes took place on public streets, and photographs showed adults and young children alike fleeing for their lives from the thrashing animals.

Many Gazans later complained that the copious amounts of blood and animal parts left in the streets was creating a health hazard.

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  • copyleft

    Aren’t many of these animal rights activists fervent advocates of the Palestinian cause and apologists for their alphabet soup terrorist organizations?Guess they value the lives of these animals more than the lives of Jews!
    Oops!My bad, some of them may not even consider Jews as human beings!

    • Lloyd S.

      Nah. You had it right the first time. If they didn’t consider Jews to be human beings, they’d be concerned about Palestinian killing of Jews.

    • http://firefox patricia ricketts

      What is so wrong with being an animal activist ? Animals feel pain and fear as we do .It is supposedly intelligent humans meting out abuse .luckily there are some intelligent people with a soul who are willing to speak out for dumb animals

  • Kim Bartlett

    Copyleft, in the United States, I am proud to say that Jews have served as the backbone of the animal rights movement, in both activism and funding of the cause, because their own suffering rendered them more sensitive to the suffering of all who are victimized by oppressors, including animals. Isaac Bashevis Singer, a Nobel prize winner, author, and survivor of the Holocaust, wrote, “When it comes to animals, all men are Nazis.” Thousands of years ago among the Jews, according to Hebrew scripture, compassion for animals was considered a virtue and cruelty to animals a moral transgression. It was the foundation for Kosher law. You should be adding your voice to those speaking out against the enormous crime to animals that took place in Gaza on the Eid instead of defaming animal advocates.

    • babawawa

      Singer moved to America in 1935. If every Jew who lived then is considered a Holocaust survivor, than that would include my parents, both first generation Americans. Just FYI.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    “It’s da Jooz what did it.” – HRW

  • Shimona from the Palace

    This behaviour is hardly unexpected, considering the way they behave to people.

  • JRmo

    This is horrible for sure, but it does bring up the question of where are the rights groups when people in Gaza are treated like this?

  • brett


  • AJ – Raalte

    Children exposed to this kind of cruelty become innured to bloodshed. And this happens all over the Moslem world, not only in Gaza.

  • Hundra the Warrior Woman

    I am an Australian and I am ashamed of my country and its politicans of both major parties. I have been signing petitions for years now, to ban all live animal exports to muslim countries (lower case intentional as they do not deserve the dignity of capital letters). I do not respect muslims, islam or their war manual the koran, there is nothing about them that is noble.

  • avery

    It’s a shame how low mankind is. God has his work cut out for him in dealing with all of us!

  • LetUsTalk

    There’s a lot of ignorance here that needs to be corrected. Firstly, islamic law (along with judaic law) teaches that animals should be slaughtered in a way that provides as little pain as possible (look this up if you don’t believe me or ask a muslim instead of defaming others). Secondly, the video does show that the animals were in pain and slaughtered cruelly but that’s because the people slaughtering the animals were ordinary amateur citizens with basic tools (like small knifes). I won’t defend the guy who put the knife in the bulls eye b/c that was just stupid. Nevertheless, if anyone one of us tried to slaughter a bull it wouldn’t look any different than what we saw in the video.

    According to the article, the reason why the people were slaughtering the cattle themselves was b/c there were only 5 slaughterhouses in Gaza and as a result it would take too long before they got their meat back (which isn’t pleasent since they need their food before their one day holiday ends). If we don’t want amateurs slaughtering their own animals then we should help Gaza build more slaughter houses instead of just being condescending. However, its hard for Gaza to build anything because they get bombed every few years (and abused far worse than the animals in this video) by Israel. They can barely get food, medicine, or construction material and electricity to build slaughterhouses or power anything because of Israel’s blockade. And don’t use security as an excuse. It’s Israel’s blockade and continuous usurping of palestinian land in the west bank (via illegal jewish-only settlements, apartheid-like separation wall, etc) which causes the animosity that it faces.

    • cba

      Oh gosh, so it’s all Israel’s fault… what a surprise…

      we should help Gaza build more slaughter houses instead of just being condescending

      Of course, there’s nothing condescending at all about assuming Gazan leaders can’t take some of the vast sums of aid money they get and build slaughterhouses themselves.

      Or use the many pipes and tonnes of cement they get to build proper infrastructure instead of tunnels into Israel and kassams.

    • Aussie Dave

      Please tell me this comment was meant as satire..

      • cba

        Please tell me you’re not holding your breath :)

    • http://firefox patricia ricketts

      there is no excuse for the way these barbarians are killing these animals and obviously enjoying the slaughter.No matter how poor or hungry or religous people are these animals should be dispatched in a humane way

    • SiamFrysian

      Let Me Tell You: IF what you’re stating here is correct, then simply explain to me WHERE T.F. is the protest [against this more than barbaric behaviour] from the Muslim community ? ? ? ? ? I have not seen ANY, have you ? ? ?
      These people so deserve the contempt they face from the rest of the world, because THEY are far worse than the animals they torture, demean & murder !

      Muslim – Baahhhhhh ! ! ! !

    • miguel

      Is this comment satire?

      • http://firefox patricia ricketts

        He is entitled to free speech