Revealing Interview With “Real Truth About Palestine” Actresses

ayalon palestiniansRemember the  “Real” Truth About Palestine video I posted about and rebutted, and the follow-up post on the actresses used to convey the propaganda?

I have since located an interview with the actresses, which proves to be rather revealing.

For instance, Lara Sawalha, one of the actresses, confirms she is not palestinian.

Lara Sawalha: My name is Lara Sawalha and I’m a professional actress by trade, trained at Italian Conti Academy of Performing Arts in London. My mother is British, but she likes to say she’s as Arab as they come, even with her blonde hair and blue eyes, and my father is Jordanian. I am fortunate to have them both be in the arts

She had not seen the Ayalon video until presented with the script.

I hadn’t seen the video until I got approached with the script, and when I saw it she I compelled to answer. We were given a chance to present an alternative view and we stepped up to the challenge.

Both women confirm the “appeal” approach of the video, which I posted about here.

We added a feminine element, we spoke for the youth. And at the end of the day, it’s all about public appeal: here were two females talking, more or less, like men, a bit cheeky and totally confident. It worked.

And last, but not least, Dana Dajani actually libels me.

DD: One blogger actually investigated us and went so far as to call me a “whore” because I am a model and “Hamas would disapprove of my photographs”.

She is clearly referring to my second post, in which I make the Hamas comment. I absolutely never called her a “whore” – that was a commenter whom I castigated for the comment. Dana Dajani is fully aware of this, since I pointed it out to her:


In other words, Dajani is knowingly lying.

Which is fitting, given the lies she helped perpetuate via the video in which she appeared.

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  • walt kovacs

    i take full responsibility for the whore comment

    and although all on this blog chided me for the comment, i stand by it

    and if dana wishes to to take me to court…i welcome the opportunity

    have a staunch zionist atty who would love to get her on the stand

  • brett

    She takes any any old modelling job regardless of content much like a whore would.

  • brett

    And yeah, she is a lying whore.

    • Aussie Dave

      Walt and Brett,

      Not helpful comments at all. While I disagree with her politics and lying, I won’t go the ad hominem route like you have.

      • walt kovacs


        im sure for the right amount of money, i could get dana to go all tila tequila

  • Zionist Shark

    The actress in question is wrong because what she (and her partner in cheeky crime) said in the video is wrong, and because she didn’t make an attempt to address the substance of either the Danny Ayalon video, or Aussie Dave’s Israellycool post about their deficient, misleading, bigoted “response” video.

    She is a liar because she attributed your (Walt’s) words to the post’s author, though she was specifically reminded that this was yet another of her untruths.

    Dana & Lara need to be called out strongly and decisively on these substantive issues (Hey! Like Dave’s post on those very issues!).

    But all of this “whore” crap is just wrong. It’s irrelevant, misogynistic, ad hominem garbage and has absolutely no place here.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to our eternal undivided capital city to go play in the snow.

    • Aussie Dave

      Yeah, what the shark said

    • cba

      It’s irrelevant, misogynistic, ad hominem garbage and has absolutely no place here.

      1. Exactly right. I second (third?) what you said.
      2. It has–completely gratuitously!–given them a way to look like victims, instead of having to defend their actual words. In other words, it’s not only childish, insulting, and plain nasty, but also totally counter-productive.

  • Inessa

    It seems to me that this “actress” has taken the narrative of her being referred to as an “insulting term”, and ran with it, specifically to detract from the real issue that the video was full of lies and fallacies which they make no attempt to defend, because they can’t. Hmm, when has this happened before? I’m strongly reminded of this very tactic whenever settlements are discussed: Peace talks are doomed to fail because of culture of incitement, children raised on hate, Palestenians not accepting Israel as Jewish state, glorifying murderers, Abbas not representing any Palestenian people since 2009, Holocaust denial, actual history denial, Hamas and Gaza……..all this gets sweeped aside and degrades to: Settlements are the major obstacle….no they’re not….yes they are…..and the major issues get ignored.
    Personally, I agree with Walt and Brett as the term, while offensive and mysogenistic, does sum up someone with loose moral standing, not necessarily sexual (eg being a reprehensible liar). However, in the scheme of things,it is mostly irrelevant – she is a reprehansible liar who thought nothing about doing a lot of damage to many innocent people, on behalf of a people she doesn’t even represent. It is not necessary to go back and forth with arguments whether labelling her is a bad thing, as it detracts from the real pertinent issue.

  • walt kovacs

    DD: Lara and I performed pro bono, it was a passion project for everyone. I’m pretty sure the animators worked pro bono too, which is why it took a year and a half to edit. As for Kharabeesh post production tools and team.

    Jamil at, who directed the piece insisted “My aim is to highlight the fact that the writing and research was done by VP and Standub and the execution by kharabeesh. It was a group effort.

    The ‘nuances’ and comedy was thought of and directed by the people from these 3 companies. The cost is that of research, scripting, actors, filming in a studio with green screen, editing, and then seperately days and days of animation and fact checking.

    The point is, although this was a collaboration, modern day technology means that all you people need is a camera with some lighting and a laptop to make it happen. The important part is a) making it factually correct and b) getting the ‘tone’ right with people who understand humour. And we were lucky to have that behind and in front of the camera in this case.

    The elements that went into producing this video were thought through and intentional. We would like to encourage others to collaborate and answer fiction with fact”.

    where was the comedy in the piece?

    oh ya…making fun of the israeli accent is funny to arabs who see jews as dhimmi and to a woman who thinks doing a racist standup act in a country where people are still kept as slaves is the height of comedy.

    what animation? they superimposed themselves into the dayan vid and added some text….its called using photoshop and final cut pro

    my 14 year old nephew couldve done their vid in 2 weeks..part time and after school

    what research? they used the same old talking points that anyone can find on a myriad of jew hate/ anti israel sites

    was any real research done when dana can say this? “What we were essentially saying was that we didn’t invent our identity homie – Palestinians, the identity of the people who lived on this land, always existed. Our self-determination – and Israel’s denial of our self-determination – is not contingent on any past form of “nation” status. To quote Shakespeare “What is the city but the people?”

  • Dan

    I know plenty of Arabs who are fair skinned, some of whom are even blonde and ginger haired.

    For so called “people of color”, those two women look pretty white to me.