Train Vs Ships Of The Desert

Wednesday is commonly known as hump day.

One Israeli train driver seems to have brought it on the night before.

Say cheese!

A train ran over a group of camels, leading to massive delays for passengers and an untimely death for the desert animals.

An Israel Railways train traveling from Dimona to Beersheba Tuesday night hit and killed 14 camels that were on the tracks, near the Segev Shalom Junction. After the incident the train continued on its way and completed the journey without additional incident.

A train patrol man called the police to inform them of the freak accident and the on-duty officer and crime scene investigator made their way to the site of the crash. They were joined by the crash scene investigators and forensic specialists.

The police are currently working with veterinary officials to locate the deceased camels’ owner in a bid to understand how the camels reached the tracks.

Israel Railways said in a statement that “animals wandering on the tracks do get hit by passing trains from time to time. The breaking distance for a train is 800 meters, hence the train conductor had no possibility to break before impact.”

It further noted that “these types of events cause delays because there is a need to make certain that the collisions did not include pedestrians. More so, the conductor must also exit the train and make sure it did not sustain any damage. During this incident, after such an examination, the train continued on its path.”

What a waste of camel life. The camels will never get to realize their full potential.

For the record, I posted about the camel danger over 10 years ago!

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  • milandroid

    Israel has researched a lot on avoiding clash between birds and jets. But to my surprise they didn’t consider the camels on the ground first. I hope they will take measures for example to fence up the railway track soon

  • juvanya

    Poor camels :( Isnt this what those cow pushers are for?