Max Blumenthal Compares Herzl To Homophobic Duck Hunter

You might already be aware of the uproar caused by some reality TV personality called Phil Robertson, who made some anti-homosexual remarks and was suspended from the reality show on which he stars.

Here’s what Israel hater Max Blumenthal just tweeted.

That’s a comparison photo of Theodor Herzl and Phil Robertson.

Yes, in Blumenthal’s twisted mind, Phil Robertson is the modern manifestation of the father of political Zionism.

I’m not quite sure which angle Blumenthal is working, but it is clear he is once again demonizing Israel, and uses the most obtuse references to do so.

In this way, Blumenthal can be compared to another rabid Israel hater.

blumenthal silverstein

Left: Israel Hater Richard Silverstein – Right: Israel Hater Max Blumenthal

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  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Max Blumenthal 2013 = Alfred Rosenberg 1933

    • walt kovacs

      excellent comparison

      the far left has always hated the jew

    • Mikhael

      Blumenthal is a Jew, whereas Nazi Rosenberg, despite the name, was not

  • Johnny

    From what I’ve read so far, a religious person who calls this guy homophobic is shooting himself. His comments were far from homophobic, unless you consider Judaism homophobic too…

    • Aussie Dave

      THAT is what you get from this post? Wow..

      • Johnny

        What I’m saying is that whatever point you’re trying to make, it is not worth to be done by jumping on this unjustified bashing bandwagon.

        • Aussie Dave

          I did not devote any time to his comments. The post is focused on Blumenthal’s demonizing.

          • Johnny

            “Homophobic Duck Hunter”.
            I’m just saying, you’re the guy fighting against false accusations and libels… given how Israel suffers from slanders all the time, I think you could be more careful when labeling someone like that.

            • Shai

              I don’t see the problem with calling Judaism homophobic. The Torah definitely does not take kindly to homosexuals.

              Although it doesn’t compare it to BESTIALITY like Robertson did.

  • Mario Augusto Puga Valera

    Considering some wingnut idiot compared Phil Robertson to Rosa Parks (I am not making that up), this one is no surprising. Making idiotic libelous comparisons seems to be in vogue.

  • Travis

    I hope the Republicans in 2016 are not afraid to tie Hillary Clinton to Max Blumenthal via his father Sidney Blumenthal.

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