Jon Stewart And The Zionist Plot To Take Over Egypt

On a scale of Normal to Batsh*t Crazy, this guy is off the charts.

john_stewart_egyptIn a broadcast in December by Egypt’s Tahrir TV, prominent Egyptian author Amr Ammar characterised the celebrated political satirist Jon Stewart as “a Jewish-American author, journalist and media personality” who was allegedly a political disciple of former US National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was said to believe in the ability to motivate millions of people using social and other forms of media.

The Egyptian writer also suggested that Stewart believed Egypt belonged to the Jewish people, a stereotypical belief among some Egyptians that Israel and global Jewry aim to take over the Middle East, if not the entire world.

“He is implementing Brzezinski’s theory on the American people and media,” Ammar said in the broadcast, in which he was promoting a high profile book on recent events in Egypt.

Ammar recalled that Stewart had visited Egypt and himself appeared on the television show of Egypt’s well known Bassem Youssef in Stewart was said to have initially joked about arriving late and the reason for his lateness.

“I am sorry I am late,” Stewart was quoted as saying. “I wandered in the desert but now I’ve found my homeland.”

Ammar added on the show, broadcast on December 5:

“That is what he [|Jon Stewart] said word for word — a Jew who wandered in the desert, but, thank God, found his homeland.

“This man says in the heart of Egypt, and on an Egyptian media outlet, that Egypt belongs to them, that it is his homeland,” Ammar concluded in the clip translated from the original Arabic by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

The broadcast was intended as political analysis and there was no hint that either the moderator or Ammar found Stewart’s remarks at all amusing.

Here’s the full Youssef interview with Stewart.

As you can see, Stewart does not actually make the alleged comments – word-for-word or otherwise.

Which is a shame, because I was really looking forward to making fun of Ammar for taking Jon Stewart seriously .

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  • Travis

    Jon Stewart does sadly need to be taken seriously. He is enormously influential (unfortunately) in America and is at the very top of the popular culture. Based on a few snarky comments I have heard him make, he is no friend of Israel. Low information voters and Hipsters actually take him seriously as a political commentator.

    • walt kovacs

      low information voters?

      you listen way too much to el druggo

      • Travis

        No I never listen to Limbaugh, PMSNBC, or Mark Levin. Unlike you I can think for myself. I am conservative/libertarian.

  • fizziks

    @Travis: Jon Stewart is not anti-Israel. They did a segment that was pretty critical of the BDS attempt to impose boycott on the Park Slope Food Coop, and he took Morsi to task for antisemitism. Stewart is not as pro-Israel as I’d like, but he isn’t anti.

    • walt kovacs

      but he is easily fooled

      as in, he had on the fraud, baltzar, and treated her seriously

    • Travis

      He made a stupid comment once about Israel (not post 1967 Israel but pre Six Day War Israel) occupying someone else’s land.

    • Travis

      Stewart is no Zionist. Watch his show. He despises them

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Stewart finds it usefully amusing that Israel exists. But his love of all things Arab and Persian overweigh that.

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