What Would Jesus Do?

Feed the hungry or make an evil political statement that attacks Israel and the Jews?

My money is on feeding the hungry, and that’s what my friend Sharon thinks as well:

The faux wall built by the good people of St James reportedly cost £30,000 – of privately raised cash they’re quick to explain!

My calculator tells me that would have fed 240 homeless people with the Ottelenghi meal he and his friend the cook are selling to the elite supporters of St James – no homeless at their table!

Imagine how many normal Christmas dinners £30,000 would have fed! Something like 1200 at £25 and that would include a nice present for each this festive season!

Had they done so the souls of the organisers of this hate fest would have been inscribed in God’s memory forever. As it happens the Saviour must truly be wondering what he gave his life for!

And of course the question remains whether the donors would have been so generous had they been asked for cash to feed the homeless rather than to spread hate this season of goodwill to ALL mankind!

But they’d rather build this obscene wall than feed the homeless at Christmas.

Oh and remember Sharon wrote “This Wall Saves Lives”? That’s become “This Wall Enslaves Lives”:

This wall enslaves lives crop highlight

Sharon had more to say about this:

So in case you all thought that the good people of St James could be taken at their word, I took a trip back there this evening to check things out. What did I find, but a check point, uniformed wardens and two, yes two security guards examining people’s paperwork before they could pass through. Now who would have thought that entry into the church marketplace warranted a security check point where some people, the right sort of people with the correct paperwork could pass through whilst those thought to have ulterior motives were shunned, turned away, held back from free passage.

Even though I was unarmed, no red paint pot and application tool to hand, I was stopped, papers please they asked; what no papers no entry? I enquired! So what’s your message all about then, a wall, a check point, no free passage through to the other side for those considered undesirable?

Well as you can imagine, a true activist finds a way and so there I was through the check point, doing my own checking. Where is it I thought, what’s happened to my artwork THIS WALL SAVES LIVES no more saves lives as it has been desecrated, violated without so much as a wink from the good people of St James and their wardens. I wonder what Tom and Debbie were up to when the violation took place as they were certainly not scrutinising the culprit as they had me when I was given a single pass to make just one non-abusive statement.

I trust those with the right sort of paperwork enjoyed the do tonight, comedy provided by an assortment of unfunny liberals supported by the unChristian people of St James, pious grins galore for everyone hiding the true agenda the £30,000 faux wall represents – behind it a church whilst behind the real megilla, terrorists.

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  • cba

    “This wall enslaves lives”–how disgusting of them! They can’t allow even one single contrary message to their cacophony of hate.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    He would suicide bomb a bus, according to liberals in the west.

  • Chaim Zalmon

    Checkpoints? Where have I heard that before? I wonder if the people at this church see the irony in that?

    • cba

      Of course they don’t… because those are good checkpoints, don’t you see, the kind that keep their “installation” free of negativity. The bad checkpoints are the ones that inconvenience Palestinians for no good reason, other than to stop Jews Zionists from getting blown up–those Zionists are always making a fuss about nothing.

  • Harvey
  • Mohammed the Teddy-Bear

    Well, obviously, this JC fellow would be standin’ on the corner, wearing a t-shirt with “I LUV Shaheeds” and a keffiyeh, carrying a sign that says, “The Juice are ebil”, and shouting “KILL THE JOOOOOOOOOZ!”.

  • Harvey

    I spoke to the Assistant Rector when I visited St James on Christmas Day .

    I noticed her in the courtyard talking animatedly to several visitors and stewards obviously pleased with the effect of the mock wall .

    I engaged with her questioning why St James had allowed itself to become politicised in this manner and had effectively become a megaphone for propagandists .

    Her demeanour changed almost at once but not in a combative way but in a passive polite but obviously irritated way . She made little attempt to rebut my argument , once or twice referring to Palestinian hardship as a result of the wall . She barely raised a flicker of emotion or concern when I spoke of the damage and hardship caused to the families of those murdered and maimed by the homicide bombers .

    I’m not sure if it was part of her priesthood training just to listen and not respond – a sort of Anglican version of a Catholic confession , or whether she had been primed not to respond to Zionists . All in all the effect was quite eerie . A sort of Stepford Priests comes to Piccadilly .

  • deedee

    My calculator tells me that would have fed 240 homeless people with the Ottelenghi meal he and his friend the cook are selling to the elite supporters of St James – no homeless at their table!

    I may be misunderstanding the above sentence, but – Is Yotam Ottolenghi supporting this shameful display?

  • James Dyer

    Looking forward to writing on the wall…hopefully to replace ‘This Wall saves lives’ and also to write several other relevant pithy truths…have thought of writing ‘mene mene tekel upharsin’ as I believe many supporters of Israel are weighing up this fiasco by St James’ Church and finding them devoid of context and understanding.

    I wonder if there is anyone in the Christian clergy that will actually voice their distaste at what has been occurring at this venue over the Christmas season , or if no one likes to rock the boat and jeopardize the collective passive conformity….Fact is there is a stench coming from the heart of London not of disease or garbage, but something far worse and far more sinister.

    • cba

      have thought of writing ‘mene mene tekel upharsin’

      That’s probably a good choice, because the [expletive deleted pre-emptively by author] who organize and “curate” this POS will (assuming they still have sufficient Biblical scholarship to get the reference) think you’re aiming it at Israel and so are less likely to “curate” it away.

      • James Dyer

        Yeah…didn’t think of that, but it will be a latent truth that can be used at a later date, might even be more forceful that way.

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