Shirting Responsibility For One’s Antisemitism

How does an antisemite deny they are an antisemite?

Here is one way:

greta berlin

Greta Berlin’s t-shirt reads “If you have not been called an Anti-Semite, you are not working hard enough for justice in Palestine.”

I would suggest she instead wears one with the words “If you have not been called an Anti-Semite, you might not be tweeting links to known antisemites and Nazi propaganda films.”

Just a suggestion.

Incidentally, the t-shirt has been described as genius by one Gilad Atzmon (


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Facebook Comments

  • Bubbe

    Makes me glad I have my Rabid Zionist” tee shirt.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    If you haven’t blown up a bus full of Jewish women and children you can’t call yourself a Liberal.

  • Ariel Bakshandeh

    I wonder if it’s just a coincidence her last name is Berlin.

  • Jim_from_Iowa

    Words have meaning and impact when they are responsibly applied. For whatever reason, Ms. Berlin seems not to mind being seen by others as an anti-Semite. I can’t know her mind, but I do know the term “antisemitism” loses it’s meaning and impact when applied to anyone and everyone with whom you might have a political disagreement. It is deeply offensive to me when the term “anti-Semite” is applied to President Obama to smear and discredit him because of a disagreement over his policies as has happened on this site by one contributor.

    • A F

      Agreed. But it is typical of several in the anti Israel crowd to claim that they are habitually called “antisemitic” for their anti Israel views even if that never happened. It is also typical for them to deny that antisemitism exists in their crowd and thus admit the label is justified for those that are clearly antisemitic.
      Thus, it seems to me that the ones who are trying make the word “antisemitism” lose its meaning and impact are largely the anti Israel crowd. I dare say that some are even doing it deliberately. Like Ms. Berlin, for instance.

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