Max Blumenthal Showing Compassion

Most of us were relieved and glad to hear that Caleb Jacoby is safe. We aren’t questioning the reason he went missing and it’s none of our business. That’s for his family to work out. The main thing is he’s SAFE.

Thank God.

Caleb Jacoby

Caleb Jacoby

But some people are dipped in pure evil. They use anything and everything to further their schemes. Take Max Blumenthal for instance.


He retweeted this tweet because apparently, he agrees with the idea expressed herein.

“War crimes,” he/they call it: the act of an indigenous people coming home. Except that they invent the crime, the people, and weirdly seem to be accusing Jeff Jacoby of taking kickbacks from nonprofit pro-Israel organizations.

The entire world was praying for Caleb’s return. So was Max Blumenthal. He was praying he could use a much-awaited news story to further his aim: the destruction of his own people and his own land.

A really strange way of showing compassion.

And yeah. Evil.

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  • juvanya

    I mean, its not like he himself said it. But that aside, how can they have no conception that maybe those “children” did something bad and wrong and earned some sort of retribution from their victims? Take Nathan Hale of our own American War of Independence. He understood that what he did was a crime, even if just, and accepted his fate. He didnt cry to mommy or anything. I really have to credit my professor who used to work at Amnesty and other NGOs for referring to these “children” as child soldiers. Where are the NGOs on that? Too busy in Congo and Uganda I guess.

    • Varda

      He didn’t say it himself. But he retweeted it because he AGREES with that tweet. Same diff. And yes, there are levels, juvanya. Calling them “child soldiers” is part of the way there.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    I truly believe we should press onward to convince Max to strap a bomb on himself or drop one in garbage can. I knew people who 12 years ago, overcome with rage at George Bush, disappeared into the maelstrom of the Iraqi war to fight against the US. They’re likely dead now. In any case one can quibble with their politics even their morality but you can’t question their devotion. Max is simply a poser if he’s not willing to become the shahid he obviously wants to be.

    • Varda

      Sounds like a plan to me, E Pluribus. We could double dare him?

      • E Pluribus Wombat

        You know it’s a bit like going to any sort of public forum about Israel where a bunch Q-tips, college kids or whatnot scream about how much they want to see Israel wiped out etc etc etc. I would just bring a big Nazi flag and stand there screaming shoulder to shoulder with them to drive their point home for them. If they can’t be honest the least we can do is be honest for them.

        • Varda Epstein

          Nah. They don’t deny their Nazi leanings. Mahmoud Abbas has Hitler quotes on his FB page.

  • cendrelleisher

    Many people who don’t even know the Jacoby family were praying for his safe return home.

    But two anti-Zionists were unable to resist bashing the anxious family while they were vulnerable.

    American Task Force on Palestine Senior Fellow Hussein Ibish was another one who couldn’t limiit himself to good wishes.

    The oddity is that both men seem to consider themselves superior to other people because they are sympathetic to Palestinians. Somehow they can’t let go of their need to show sympathy to Palestinians even momentarily, to show some concern for anyone else.

    • Varda

      It’s not that, cendrelleisher. It’s that self-hating Jews have a need to be accepted by the world and the only way they can do that is to agree that their own people are criminals across the board. That way, Max won’t be one of THOSE Jews. He’ll be the exception, the GOOD Jews.

      He doesn’t know that to Nazis and to ‘Palestinians’ there is no difference between a Max Blumenthal and say, a Varda Epstein.

  • MohammedTheTeddyBear

    Hussein Ibish over at @ibishblog also didn’t waste the opportunity to be a Class-A A-hole, when he said something to the effect that, even though his father Jeff was a “racist fanatic”, Hussein hopes that Caleb will be found safely.

    • MohammedTheTeddyBear

      Sorry, didn’t see that cendrelleisher had already covered this.

  • walt kovacs

    max is not a jew

    his mother is not jewish

  • Travis

    I wonder if the Republicans have the courage to tie Hilary to Max Blumenthal via his father Sidney Blumenthal who worked for Bill Clinton.

    • Varda Epstein

      Probably not. And anyway, Max would be the darling of the Dems, so it’s a moot point.

  • Walt kovacs

    Thanks Aaron….errrr…Adolph

  • asb

    We have to remember that these haters are just a sideshow to the real story: when one family was suffering the rest of the community prayed for them and spread the word on and off line. I’m glad Caleb was found safe.

    • Varda Epstein

      Very true, asb. The outpouring of support for the family was truly amazing.

  • dov epstein

    “why the average isreali IQ is 95 lol”…and the grammatical ability you just illustrated in your comment gives you an IQ just below School Zone speed limit.LOL

  • Chaim Zalmon

    You believe everything on the web?

    Israel has one of the highest rates per capita of college graduates in the world.

    Also to become Jewish you either need a Jewish mother (nothing you can do afterwards to stop that), or convert to be Jewish.

    You need to go to Israel on a fact finding mission and see that not every looks the same (and also get some real facts on Israel).

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