UK MP Erasing Israel: Grahame Morris

In a totally un-shocking move, our dear old friend Grahame Morris, UK MP for Easington, promotes yet another “there’s no room for Israel or Jews in Palestine” meme.

UPDATE 11:25: Following our bringing this matter to light, it has been referred to Labour Friends of Israel who will be asking the party to look into Mr Morris’s behaviour. Again.

I guess we can’t be surprised any more at this kind of thing from UK Members of Parliament.

This tweet, by Tal Ofer, Labour Party Member and Member of European Jewish Parliament, takes direct issue with Grahame Morris:

h/t for original spot to Judge Dan.

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  • E Pluribus Wombat

    This is why I bring a Nazi flag to these sorts of events and cheer on their side. So far few people have objected.

  • JRmo

    the irony is that if people like him kept calm, all this could have been resolved years ago

  • walter gabson

    To every parties intrest, let us accept the reality and peace will reign again.

  • yuval Brandstetter MD

    Indeed he is correct. Its time to free Israel of the Arab invaders. There is a thousand miles of Jew-free land east of the Jordan where Jew-haters can revel in the freedom to hate non-existent Jews til kingdom come

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