Who Loves You America?

Certainly not the Palestinians!

A Pew Research researcher just put up the following long graphic answering the following question as “enemy”:

“Is the U.S. more of a partner, more of an enemy, or neither?”

World attitudes to the US Pew research

So we have Palestinian territories on 76% enemy just ahead of Pakistan on 64% enemy.

And Israel trailing in last with 1%.

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  • Lloyd S.

    Well, it’s hardly surprising that the “Palestinians” wouldn’t think well of the country that has long been Israel’s best friend in the World, or that Israelis would like us. I can’t really blame the Palis for feeling the way they do, but then I don’t like them much, either.

  • Jim_from_Iowa

    The feelings are mutual, believe me.

  • http://sharpe-stick.blogspot.ca/ Don Sharpe

    Back ‘atcha!

  • F Callen

    Of course the moron in the White House will take this as proof that he has to do more to make them friends of the US

  • IronyDome

    What’s with the 3% of Canadians?!

    So much for 0’s apology tour to improve relations w/the Muslim world…lol

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    One out of 14 people in repeatable studies are somewhat schizophrenic too.

  • http://dr-yuval-brith.co.il yuval Brandstetter MD

    chances are those 1% are Arabs.
    its like that one percent rulling america at this time, at the obamahouse and the NewYorkTimes

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