Pro-Israel Guy Rips “Real” Truth About Palestine Video

Someone else has now taken on the actresses “rebutting” the Danny Ayalon video - besides me, HuffPoMonitor and Danny himself.

And I must say, he’s absolutely nailed it.

I’m not sure who this guy is, but he’s done a great job and I’ll be checking out his other videos.

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  • deedee

    Fantastic. I especially love the part about Arabic not having a “P” sound, so they had to change “Palestine” to “Falestine”. Yeah, because all nations name their own countries with letters that don’t exist in their language. *eyeroll*.

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  • Dp

    Good rebuttal of the rebuttal (is that a re-rebuttal or a rebuttbuttal?) – shame he’s so irritating!

  • http://none yigal

    great video ,but bad choice of slayers angel of death.

  • juvanya

    The problem is that this just doesnt accomplish anything at all. Its a waste of time. Ive spent countless hours on advocacy and maybe nudged a few heads. Meanwhile someone can shout house demolition and change a thousand minds. There has to be another way. For starters, Israel needs to stop surrendering and half-assing things.

  • Inessa

    Rofl. My absolute favourite: “wait a minute, does that make Jesus palestenian?”
    “no. It makes you illiterate”