Grahame Morris Goes Nazi Hunting

But all he can find are Israelis and Jews. So he’ll call them Nazis. This person is a Member of the British Parliament. I’m sure Churchill would know what to do with him. And it wouldn’t be pretty.

“Nazis in my village do you see the flag they fly”


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  • Brian Goldfarb

    Trouble is, given the constituency, the likelihood of him being beaten at the General Election is zero. Not knowing his links to the constituency labour party, it may also be unlikely that he will be deselected.

    Which is a shame.

  • Morrie Young

    You should read this opportunist/hypocrite’s blog on the Anne Frank exhibition he opened! (If you can get past his stomach turning photo on child poverty)

    Oh lets lament those poor Jews who had to hide, had no-one to protect them and give them refuge, who would speak up for them… Oh if only they could have come to a safe place Morris’ Britain or my Australia (Where we have turned spurning refugees into high art?)

    But of course they were refused… If only there was some safe place? Some homeland? Thinking.. thinking..

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    You can now spell Liberal “KKK”

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