Haaretz’s Selective Outrage (Updated)

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Haaretz pride themselves with being the “moral compass” of Israel, a paper for “thinking people”, and as such sees itself responsible for shining the light upon injustices in Israel and Israeli society.

On at least 2 separate occasions, they have reported about racist comments left by Israelis on high profile Facebook pages, like Israel Police and Benjamin Netanyahu:

After Jerusalem crash, racist comments appear on Netanyahu’s Facebook page

Israel Police’s Facebook page rife with racist comments

Naturally, such “exposes” become fodder for antisemites in their constant attacks on Israel.

While such comments are indeed despicable, and should be outright condemned and deleted – which in most cases are –  it is curious to note that only racist comments about non-Israelis are deplored by Ha’aretz.

As most of you know by now, I’m not a fan of Haaretz’s political narrative. Though I do not object to them having their views, I do object to baseless vilification of Israel, and have rebuked, or helped rebuke them, via Camera and Presspectiva.

When it comes to their Facebook page, I have constantly shown their complete lack of ethics, Judeophobia, baiting, and outright lies that would put Der Stürmer to shame.

Such is the case of racist comments on Facebook pages, that as you may recall, Haaretz so detest.

Here are just a few of the comments currently “adorning” Haaretz’s own Facebook page.

Haaretz Facebook

The whole 9 yards of antisemitism: Holocaust denial, stereotyping of Jews, comparing Zionism to racism, and links to antisemitic hate site like Mondoweiss and Electronic Intifada.

Selective outrage? or perhaps the people running that page are all too happy to let those comments stay.

I wonder when someone at Ha’aretz will realize they have a very serious problem on their hands.

Edit: a few more.

Haaretz FB comment

Haaretz FB comment

Update (31.3.14):

I’ll let their commentors do the talking

Haaretz selective outrage

Update (5.4.14):

I omitted most of the comments by Arabs and Muslims claiming the Hitler was a Jew

Haaretz and Nazism

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Facebook Comments

  • Rehuven

    Let s understand that thèse théories coming From israeli ownhatrer like shlomo Sand.
    Israël have to contrôl what their citizen say and what is teaching in university

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    It’s no different than moderator policy at Huffington Post, the BBC, the Guardian and such. In fact soon enough, outright holocaust denial will become editorial policy there soon. And the New York Times will follow up with endless screeds on whether holocaust denial is even unfair.

  • Kane

    Really? Condemning a paper for the comments anonymous people leave on its Facebook page?

    I’ve seen vile comments of the sort on EVERY news-site that allows comments, including this one. I don’t think a rational person would condemn the publications itself, for comments left by strangers.

    Also, I’m not sure about Electronic Intifada, but Mondoweiss isn’t a Jewish-Hate-Site. Its main contributors are Jewish, and don’t even take comments that are outright anti-Semitic (Holocaust Denial).

    • deedee

      Basic reading comprehension. It’s the news site’s selective condemnation of comments that is the issue here. It’s the hypocrisy being highlighted, Kane.

      • Kane

        Thanks for the catch, you are correct.

    • juvanya

      Jews can be antisemitic. Go watch Sherry Wolf speak. Uncle Tom, meet Uncle Chaim.

      uncle Chaim. That would be a great idea for a blog to expose and shame antisemitic Jews.

      • Kane

        Jews CAN be anti-Semitic, but I think its safe to say the vast majority aren’t, especially relative to the number of non-Jews who are anti-Semitic.

        Its just a bad idea to label Mondoweiss a Jewish-hate-site, (when its run by Jews, and trashes anti-Semitic comments) without even attempting to provide any evidence.

  • Dp

    There’s a (perhaps slight but nevertheless significant) difference between a Facebook page run by a media outlet and one maintained by an official government or state body.
    1. I don’t know what moderator policies are I general for FB pages. I’d like to see comments like these removed from Haaretz page but could understand if their policy is complete freedom of expression. Otoh I see a Pm’s page or an official police page more as a place for pr than discourse so that views present there, at least for a substantial time, would seem to represent official policy.
    2. Even if hate mongering views are seen not to reflect on the owner of the page, I think the reporting of them is newsworthy, both in the case brought by Haaretz and the one brought here. They all interest me, at least….
    3. In this post supposedly criticizing hypocrisy, there seems to be a hypocritical double standard. I am assuming that you are implying that racist comments posted on BB’s and the cops’ pages do not necessarily reflect their views and yet you seem to state outright that these hateful comments somehow reflect Haaretz’ editorial policy. By that logic, BB and Israel police are racist, something I don’t think was even implied in the Haaretz articles…

  • Travis

    Anti-Semites and Israel haters throughout the world always feel welcome on the Haaretz comment board. To read their comments about Israal and Jews is no different then reading comments at “The Daily Kos”, the paleocon “The American Conservative”, “The Guardian”, or “Democratic Underground”

  • juvanya

    Ive heard more about us being the chosen people from antisemites than from Jews. I think that says a lot about priorities and perspectives.

    I really want to know what the heck causes this. Part of me thinks it is Hashem always trying to keep us on our feet.

    • deedee

      Christianity and Islam also believe they are chosen, and nobody cares. All (or most) religions have the notion of special status built into them. Sometimes it seems that antisemites dwell on Jewish Chosenness because they believe it.. Antisemites take Jewish Chosenness deadly seriously.

    • Jim_from_Iowa

      Yes, you hear this constantly from a guy like Pastor John Hagge. According to his belief system wedded to rapture theology, God has chosen the Jews to be the catalyst to ensure the second coming of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately for the Jews, they have to die or convert to Christianity en masse in order for this momentous event to take place. This seems to be fundamentally anti-Semitic, to put it mildly. Yet Bibi Netanyahu welcomes Pastor Hagge with open arms every time he sets foot in Israel. What’s up with that?

  • Philip

    Oh look, Mr Dolan, No surprise to see him there the horrid Zionist troll.

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