Haaretz’s Selective Outrage (Updated)


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Haaretz pride themselves with being the “moral compass” of Israel, a paper for “thinking people”, and as such sees itself responsible for shining the light upon injustices in Israel and Israeli society.

On at least 2 separate occasions, they have reported about racist comments left by Israelis on high profile Facebook pages, like Israel Police and Benjamin Netanyahu:

After Jerusalem crash, racist comments appear on Netanyahu’s Facebook page

Israel Police’s Facebook page rife with racist comments

Naturally, such “exposes” become fodder for antisemites in their constant attacks on Israel.

While such comments are indeed despicable, and should be outright condemned and deleted – which in most cases are –  it is curious to note that only racist comments about non-Israelis are deplored by Ha’aretz.

As most of you know by now, I’m not a fan of Haaretz’s political narrative. Though I do not object to them having their views, I do object to baseless vilification of Israel, and have rebuked, or helped rebuke them, via Camera and Presspectiva.

When it comes to their Facebook page, I have constantly shown their complete lack of ethics, Judeophobia, baiting, and outright lies that would put Der Stürmer to shame.

Such is the case of racist comments on Facebook pages, that as you may recall, Haaretz so detest.

Here are just a few of the comments currently “adorning” Haaretz’s own Facebook page.

Haaretz Facebook

The whole 9 yards of antisemitism: Holocaust denial, stereotyping of Jews, comparing Zionism to racism, and links to antisemitic hate site like Mondoweiss and Electronic Intifada.

Selective outrage? or perhaps the people running that page are all too happy to let those comments stay.

I wonder when someone at Ha’aretz will realize they have a very serious problem on their hands.

Edit: a few more.

Haaretz FB commentHaaretz FB commentUpdate (31.3.14):

I’ll let their commentors do the talking

Haaretz selective outrageUpdate (5.4.14):

I omitted most of the comments by Arabs and Muslims claiming the Hitler was a Jew

Haaretz and Nazism

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