Scarlett Johansson Promoting Company Providing Jobs & Coexistence

With Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson coming under fire from Oxfam, BDSHoles and other assorted scum and villainy, it can’t hurt to post this video from last year, which shows what a bunch of backwash hogwash we are being subjected to.

Of course, Hamas admirer Ali “Abumination” Abunimah has attempted to rubbish this video (, but falls as flat as soda left with the cap off.

Scarlett, if you are reading this, don’t give in to the bullies. And loved your work in The Avengers.

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  • Kane

    Not sure about this premise. So because Soda-Stream gives a few jobs to Palestinians, that makes the brutal occupation okay? Keep in mind that harsh Israeli restrictions in the West Bank are a reason why there aren’t similar job opportunities for Palestinians.

    Scarlett seems like a cool person, but her brand has taken a hit and Soda-Stream’s stock has plummeted. It would be wise if she restricted her Israeli-ventures to inside the green-line, or joint ventures among Palestinians/Israeli’s focused on a just/lasting peace.

    • Jeff

      I see you’ve learned some adjectives, i.e., few, brutal. Good for you.
      “Scarlett seems like a cool person, but her brand has taken a hit” I love her more than ever, because she’s doing the right thing, in the face of a bigoted mob of thugs & power craving lunatics who want to boss around her and everyone else.
      The Green Line was and is nothing more than a military armistice line drawn in 1949 between Israel and Jordan, and not a border. The armistice ended when Jordan attacked Israel in 1967. There is no set border and never will there be one until it’s negotiated and agreed to. That’s not going to happen for a long time due to the Arabs’ unwillingness to separate themselves from their 7th century style religious hatred.
      SodaStream is a model, ethical company that’s doing everything right and nothing illegal. Go take a shower.
      P.S. Her career is not going to suffer for this.

      • Shoshana Rubin

        Jeff, I agree 100% with you! And will buy even more Soda Stream.

      • Kane

        I wouldn’t classify the BDS movement as “bigoted” or “power-hungry”, though significant amounts of both groups are certainly found in BDS.

        Furthermore, the 1949 armistice wasn’t a “border”, because Israel wasn’t recognized as having sovereignty over the land it captured in the 1948 war. After 1967, through Security Council Resolutions (legally binding), UN Resolutions, and World Court Rulings, Israel was basically ceded that land, and its borders recognized as modern-day Israel, but with no legal claim over Gaza, the West Bank, and Jerusalem. If you argue against Israel being held to the 67 borders, you are essentially arguing that Israel should go back to its 1947 Partition borders.

        Also, Israel started the 1967 war by a “preemptive” military strike. Israel acknowledges this, but argues that such a strike was justified due to “aggressive” maneuvers by its neighbors. Most of the world disagrees, but that is a topic for another time.

        The Arabs aren’t an obstacle to peace. Every single Muslim and Arab country has sided with the UN since 2000, voting to end the conflict on legal 1967 lines, and recognizing a secure Israel within its legal boundaries. The only countries that vote against this resolution year-after-year, are Israel and the US, out of 200+ countries.

        Regardless of what we think of Sodastream’s actions, its brand is sinking fast, and Scarlett’s is tainted. It won’t be a career-ender for her, and it shouldn’t be, but she should rethink her controversial position at Sodastream.

        • walt kovacs

          sodastream had sales of over half a billion in 2013. hardly sounds like a company that is failing

          • Kane

            Sodastreams’s sales aren’t sinking at a high rate, but their stock is plummeting. Furthermore, the only time they have been mentioned in popular print/online media (recently), is in association with Israeli occupied territories, and BDS.

            There’s no such thing as bad publicity in business, but if there is, Sodastream has it.

        • Inessa

          The fact is, that even if you view arbitrary armistice lines as borders, neither in 1947 or 1948, or 1949 or in 1967 were the borders between Israel and a Palestenian state. Secondly, the view that the territories are illegally occupied has been disputed using the same drafted law. The wording of Resolution 242 of “the territories” as opposed to “all of the territories” was deliberate and this has been repeatedly confirmed by Lord Caradon who drafted the resolution. The fact that over the years the UN (and by inference your definition of the “rest of the world”) has been effectively reneging on their own resolution and passing disproportionate resolutions against Israel, does not mean Israel is in the wrong. This is is the same organisation that has awarded humanitarians like Clnl Gaddaffi, Robert Mugabi, Bashar Al Assad, and Ahmadinejad to head commissions on human rights and anti-racism!!!
          Thirdly, wherever the borders could be, Israel is entitled to secure and defensible borders. This is the sticking point. As long as there is no way the Palestenian Arabs stop threatening security of Israel on the borders and within the borders, there is nothing to discuss. Hamas, the once elected government is committed to the destruction of Israel and this position hasn’t changed. The once elected PA claim to want a state in the pre-67 borders, but simultaneously insist on tying up the conditions of this proposed state with the rights of its citizens living in Israel but not as Israeli citizens if they so wish. By the way, if all the land Israel “occupied” in 67 is the land belonging to a Palestenian state, then why are they not claiming the Sinai from Egypt?

    • Shamgar

      The reason there are no jobs is because the PA is incompetent and corrupt and the billions in international aid they receive goes to line the Swiss bank accounts of Fatah officials.

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