Canada’s Employment Minister Buying SodaStream “Thanks To The Nutters At Oxfam”

Deliciously awesome sound bytes from Canadian Employment Minister Jason Kenney.

Update: he did buy one.

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  • IronyDome

    Canada–the new leader of the free world

    • Adie

      Well done for having the courage to stand up to the intimidation of the bds campaign, for standing up for the true values of democracy…the rights of minorities – Jews also deserve a land that will provide safety against zenophobic annihilation; freedom of speech for people to voice their support for Israel; equality for all – gays rights included; the values that millions of people fought for in the Second World War. Minister Kenney – chapeau! chapeau!

  • Michael Suss

    I boycotted OXFAM years ago because of their one-sided political actions. I also purchased a Sodastream just to push against the BDS nutters. The fact that the Soadstream is simply a great gadget saving me heaps of money is a side, but welcomed, benefit.

  • Fran

    I am a proud Canadian, having heard Prime Minister Harper speak at the Knesset!

  • mrzee

    According to the website Divest This!, since the BDS campaign started with the Durban conference in 2001, Israel’s economy has doubled in size. Because of that I think the Brain Dead Scum deserve our support. They’re doing an excellent job! :-)

    • walt kovacs

      bds didnt start in 01

      it started in 48 with the arab boycott

      they just changed the name

  • Adie

    Hear hear, Mr Zee! I am going out to look for my SodaStream today. AND going to buy one for my daughter. ;-).

  • Marc

    I have been writing Oxfam for the past 2 weeks. I send them articles about the Syrians killing their own people (90 people by barrel bombs a few days ago). I also wrote them about the over 3 million people displaced in Sudan. I asked them why they don’t speak about that. Their job is not supposed to be political. They don’t write me back. They are an anti Semitic organization.

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