Mona Lisa, A True Work Of Art

Back in December 2011, I posted about Mona Lisa Abado, an Israeli Arab IDF soldier serving in one of Israel’s elite anti-terror units.

I then posted about her again in December of last year.

Now the IDF has featured her in a new video.

Warning: Video contains disturbing images of apartheid.

What a gal!

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  • Norman_In_New_York

    I used to post as Norman B., but thanks to Disqus, I have a new moniker here.

    Anyway, it appears Mona Lisa is a Christian. A number of Israeli Christians deny that they are Arabs, but describe themselves as Aramean, predating the Arab invasion to form one of the world’s oldest Christian communities. It appears to me that the blessings Israel stands to gain from embracing their patriotism will be manifold.