All You Need To Know About Max Blumenthal’s Credibility

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  • MohammedTheTeddyBear

    Maxie & Dick: the danger when two mega-idiots like them meet is the same as when two Ghost-busters cross the streams from their Proton Packs.

  • Tzanchan77

    Oh man, those two deserve each other

  • Tom

    Huh, what’s wrong with that?

    • cba

      What’s wrong is he’s so out of touch with what’s going on in Israel he took Dickie’s snide comment seriously.

      • walt kovacs

        it calls into question his entire pos book

        he will accept any piece of anti israel propaganda

        all dickie had to do was say, “ya, its true”

        bad enough that dickie thinks giving jobs to bedouin is a bad thing

        dickie hates arabs

    • AussieDave

      Firstly, he consulted with Silverstein, as if the latter is reliable. Then, he believed him, which is bad enough when Silverstein *thinks* he is telling the truth, but is even worse when he was not intending to be taken seriously.

  • walt kovacs

    tweedledumb and tweedledumbass

  • Jim from Iowa

    As a fellow Lefty from America, I wish I could say I have some insight into Max Blumenthal’s attitudes towards Israel, but, alas, I do not. For what ever the reasons, Max has it in for Israel. I suspect there is some kind of personal grudge there. I have shared my views on his blog and the best thing I can say is that he didn’t ban me from his site. He didn’t take my advice and stick with domestic American politics, which would be a good thing for everyone, I think.

    • walt kovacs

      whatever reasons? lets start with the fact that he hates jews

      not zionists….but jews

      let me also point out that max went on birthright and was right pissed when not a single idf soldier tried to hit on him

      and he pretty much ended up banning everyone from his blog, as all comments (when he does make a post) are now moderated

      and jim, you may think you are a lefty, but you are not…you are a liberal

      99 percent of the american hard left….hate the jew

      you do not

      and i was proudly banned from that blog

      i called max on his lie about the cunins….and he didnt like that very much

  • A F

    What a change. Usually when someone else makes a joke, Silverstein takes them seriously and writes a long winded anti Israel article about it.

    One thought: If SodaStream decides to build a factory and give jobs to Bedouins why is that an “exploitation”? One wonders what Silverstein would write if they purposely did not give jobs to Bedouins.