Arrow’s Manu Bennett’s Israel Connection

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I’m a big fan of the show Arrow. New Zealand actor Manu Bennett – who lived in Australia – plays a character called Slade Wilson, who is a real tough SOB.

[spoiler alert]

Doing my customary IMDB research, I happened upon this video of Manu doing a version of the Maori Haka…to the words of Hebrew song LeKova Sheli!

In case you are wondering “WTF?’ Manu’s wife is Israeli, and he’s been here a number of times:

“My partner and I had no home, we just had a baby so we went to Israel, because her parents live in Savion. I know Israel really well, I’ve been there three times.”

When was the last time you visited Israel?

“It was over a year ago, my partner’s father unfortunately passed away, but we got there in time. It was an important time to be there. We also saw Elton John in concert in Tel Aviv. It was great to hear the audience singing Candle in the Wind in an Israeli accent. I loved it.”

Sounds like he’s a fan. Question is, would he convert?

I’m guessing not.


Update: No wonder he did the Hebrew Haka. Dude has a good sense of humor.

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