Today’s Mandatory Reading: Howe’s That For Common Sense


Alan Howe of Melbourne’s Herald Sun continues to show when it comes to Israel, he well and truly understands what we are up against.

alan howeIf most Palestinians thought like most Israelis, peace would come to their lands.

If most Israelis thought like so many Palestinians — from its leader Mahmoud Abbas down to the shiftless youths seeking to meet Allah via Semtex and Jewish blood — there would be many fewer than the 4.3 million of them.

The tolerance of Israel, as its neighbours bait it, bomb it and demand its destruction, surprises me. Three rockets were fired from Gaza in to southern Israel as I wrote this piece.

The United Nations — a corrupted farce that entertains the destructiveness of Arab self-loathing as if it had the gravitas of fully formed democracy — often condemns Israel.

A wry smile at such absurdities should be allowed. But recent events prove that Israel seeks peace and the Palestinian leadership does not.

To make progress with talks to find a solution to the region’s problems that I am not sure the Palestinians even want, Israel has been releasing from its jails some of the Middle East’s worst killers.

A third tranche walked free on New Year’s Eve; a fourth will do so soon.

It’s a brave decision orchestrated by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is usually portrayed as a hawk. And it has excited much opposition from the people who elected him: perhaps up to 70 per cent of Israelis disagree that Palestinian terrorists should be released early from jail.

At least in jail, they can’t kill more innocents.

Rest assured, now that they have been freed and welcomed home as heroes, they will kill again.

Read the whole thing (hat tip: Inessa).

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