BDSHoles Claim The Rolling Stones Are Boycotting Israel

Remember those classy anti-Zionists antisemites over at the Rolling Stones: Boycott Israel Facebook group? They are now claiming the Rolling Stones will not be playing in Israel.

With a bonus indication of BDS’ true purpose.

They are also claiming this year’s Israeli Apartheid Week will feature an announcement of the tour cancellation, which is an act of boycott.

Is there any truth to this claim or is it yet another example of BDS BS?

Watch this space.

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  • steven

    Look at this anti Semitic post on the Rolling Stones Boycott Israel.Shows their real beliefs

  • Stephan

    Yes. The bds was able to exert enough pressure on the RS to cancel their show one day after allegedly agreeing to it…(read with sarcasm).

    There was no official announcement and the newspapers in israel jumped the gun. It’s unlikely the stones will play in israel. They are putting on a limited show in North America Asia and Europe.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Today, the Japanese Internet company Yakutin announced the acquisition of an Israeli company for $900 million. This comes after Australia’s Woodside Energy announced its investment of $2.5 billion in the Leviathan gas field, and is only the latest in a long series of mergers and acquisitions involving Israeli start ups and some of the world’s leading advanced technology companies, which find that Israel is a great place to invest in. Indeed, foreign funds dealing on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange tripled last year over the year before. So if the Rolling Stones do not play there, Israelis will be crying all the way to the bank.

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