Happy Presidents’ Day from Jerusalem, Israel

The US has combined President George Washington’s and President Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays into one long holiday weekend in February.

But in Jerusalem, Israel, each president has his own street all year long.

image George Washington, photo Street named for Washington, picture street sign George Washington

George Washington Street is near

image Abraham Lincoln, sign Lincoln, picture of Lincoln street sign

Abraham Lincoln Street.

They may not be pronounced the same in Hebrew, but both presidents are honored with their full names.

Israelis may not celebrate this American holiday, but anyone trying to make a US bank transaction today, certainly will find out about it.

Happy US Presidents Day to all!

About Real Jstreets

I lived in the United States, Canada and Australia before moving to Israel in the midst of the Second Lebanon War. For the last seven years, walking the streets of Jerusalem, the scenes I saw every day did not resemble the ones familiar in the Western media. Now I try to share those positive images with the world, what is really happening in Jerusalem, Israel, The Real Jerusalem Streets


  • Michael W.

    “Israelis may not celebrate this American holiday”

    Neither do most Americans.

  • Michael W.

    “Israelis may not celebrate this American holiday”

    Neither do most Americans.

    • Sharon A

      Both in the Boston and Washington, DC areas where we lived, President’s birthdays as Federal holidays were a big deal, but also another shopping long weekend..

  • Jim from Iowa

    Love the story that when you ask where “Lincoln Street” is, a native-born Israeli will correct you and pronounce it “Linco-lin Street.”

    • udi yogev

      Ah, you mean Lin-Ko-Len? Your English not so good, ben adam.

      • Jim from Iowa

        lol. Heard former Ambassador Michael Oren tell that story. I got a good chuckle out of it.

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