What Rolling Stones: Boycott Israel FB Page Controversy DOES Show

A few days ago, the Israel-haters over at Electronic Intifada claimed the Rolling Stones: Boycott Israel FB Page – which I demonstrated contained antisemitism – was a hoax perpetrated by Zionists. They even accused me of promoting it.

Their proof? Well they had none. They mentioned the facts the page creator has made false claims (like it has been endorsed by The Electronic Intifada), the BDS Movement has made no mention of the campaign, and there has been no known BDS activists calling the Stones to boycott Israel.

Unfortunately, Jewish publications such as the JTA blindly followed the Electronic Intifada lead, parroting their arguments without offering any proof themselves.

Harrassment Tactics

Meanwhile, anti-Israel “activists” conducted a nasty campaign against me on Twitter. One anonymous person set up a Twitter account impersonating mine (in violation of Twitter terms of use), with an almost identical handle, which he or she used to tweet anti-Israel propaganda.

twitter exchange1

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My objections to the fake account elicited the following reaction from Israel hater Joe Catron of the Electronic Intifada

He also retweeted some of the impersonator’s tweets.

retweet of fake tweet

retweet of fake tweet2

And engaged in some nasty tweeting.

While I suspect he might be the person behind the fake account – given his harassment began at around the same time – I do not have proof and so will not make that charge. However, I am taking this impersonation account up with Twitter, and am hoping they will find out who is behind it.

And Catron was not alone with the vitriol.

So in other words, hot on the heels of a piece of spin designed to show that BDSholes are not nasty people who could be behind a FB group featuring antisemitic and otherwise nasty posts, they engage in these nasty and dirty tactics to silence me.

Gee, do I feel stupid.

Back To The Original Hoax Claim

The Electronic Intifada article argues 1) no-one from the official BDS Movement set up the page and 2) whoever set up the page lied. Neither proves that a pro-Israel person set up the page to discredit the BDSholes. In fact, point 2) indicates to me it likely was a BDShole, given their track record in lying. Electronic Intifada would need to provide proof as to the identity of whoever created the page.

But let’s imagine for a second that they are correct (which I do not believe they are). This would render this antisemitic post fake, as well as those expressing the desire for Israel to be destroyed.

But what about Greta Berlin’s antisemitic shenanigans?

Lauren Booth’s?

The Sabbah Report?

And the list goes on and on.

Are they all Zionist plants?

As for the desire for Israel to be destroyed, isn’t it already obvious this is what the BDS movement is about? We have plenty of examples, and even Israel hater Norman Finkelstein sees it.

Zionist plants?

I guess this commenter on the FB page is also one.


As is this one.

anna maria comment

So there you have it. The Electronic Intifada failed to prove the Rolling Stones: Boycott Israel FB Page is a hoax/Zionist plant. But the comments and tactics of the Israel haters in the light of all of this does show the antisemitism and nastiness endemic to their movement.

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  • Harvela

    Don’t get side tracked with these distractions . Focus on the Facebook issue . These people have been called out time and again for posting , linking , liking and making outright antisemitic comments . They have a range of methods for dealing with each occurrence on a case by case basis but regardless , a retraction will only occur once it is exposed . In the case of Greta Berlin , there was a considerable amount of hand wringing and an attempt by some to disassociate from her overt antisemitism . Not of course because it was indeed antisemitic but because it damaged the cause and public image .
    Unfortunately – at least for the BDS – this washing of dirty laundry in public was seen to do more harm than good .
    Their strategists have obviously decided the best way to deal with the problem is to deny , call it a hoax and blame it on Zionists . Two benefits for the price of one . We have archived files on their UK F:;k ups and how they deal with it . It follows the same pattern elsewhere .

    Stick to the main event and don’t get side tracked with trolls . That way lies madness

    • AussieDave

      There was no “being sidetracked.” The trolling, flagrant violation of Twitter rules and applauding it serves to also show the kind of people we are dealing with. The kind of people they are denying they are.

      Sounds useful to me.

  • E ben Abuya

    Keep on rockin ‘em Dave.
    [From Psalms 64]
    “. . . the workers of iniquity; Who have whet their tongue like a sword, and have aimed their arrow, a poisoned word; that they may shoot in secret places at the blameless; suddenly do they shoot at him, and fear not.
    They encourage one another in an evil matter; they converse of laying snares secretly; they ask, who would see them.
    They search out iniquities, they have accomplished a diligent search; even in the inward thought of every one, and the deep heart.. . .
    So they make their own tongue a stumbling unto themselves; all that see them shake the head.. . .”

  • Jake

    Good Job Dave. Each time one of these repulsive fascist freaks makes a comment, it helps. Every word of theirs so drips with irrational hatred and strange obsession, anyone normal who has the misfortune of reading their posts would say one thing: “What Losers”. And that is all to the good.