I’m Not Fat, I Just Have Big Stomach Bones



In yet another case of BDS being bad for your health, an Israeli bio tech company called “Bonus BioGroup” has come up with a new way of growing new bones from fat! And it seems the “Bonus” in their name is that not only can this revolutionary technique heal broken bones, but you get a great excuse for having those love handles, manboobs or saddlebags reduced in the process!

To construct the new bone, Bonus BioGroup receives samples of the patient’s fat tissue, extracted through liposuction, along with a CT scan of the damaged bone. The team then constructs a scaffold made of biodegradable sponge-like material, where a live bone can grow, a procedure that takes about a month.

If they’re interested, I could donate enough “bones” to satisfy a hospital in a large ski resort for a decade or so.

Also reminds me of the classic “Life, Be in it” campaign from the 70s and 80s featuring Norm.

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