Where SFSU GUPS President Mohammad Hammad Makes The News

You’ve read about him here on a number of occasions.

Now you can watch the movie news report.

I’m just glad he did not make the news because he actually did what he said he wanted to do.

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  • Resist_We_Much_10

    You don’t blame a cockroach for invading your kitchen. You don’t berate a bear for shitting in the woods. Similarly, Quranic colonists like Mohammad Hammad are not human and cannot be held responsible for committing Shari’ah. Rather, the administrators who allowed him into the University should face war crimes charges – it is a crime against humanity to tolerate Shari’ah.

    My heroes have always killed colonizers – death to the satanic false prophet Mohammed (piss upon him) and the subhuman Mohammedan colonists in “Palestine”!

  • walt kovacs

    just hope the fbi find enough on him to remove this sociopath from the streets

    he is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off

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