Coming Soon: Israeli Zombie Movie!

How on Earth did this escape my radar?!

Per Tablet:

I’m really sorry, Zombeavers. You were totally going to be my favorite zombie movie of 2014, mainly because you are about zombie beavers who terrorize attractive young people in a cabin in the woods. But that was before I saw the trailer for Cannon Fodder, which is an Israeli movie about four IDF commandoes who infiltrate Lebanon to stop a zombie epidemic unleashed by Hezbollah.

How great is Cannon Fodder going to be? Here’s all you need to know: when shooting a zombie early on in the film, one of the brave Israeli he-men looks at the creature’s exposed entrails and quips what is probably the greatest line in any horror movie ever: “Looks like kishke. Cholent for Shabbat.”

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  • IronyDome

    So are the zombies Erekat’s Canaanite-Natufian ancestors?