Let’s Play “Spot The 1930′s Nazi Propaganda”

Inspired by an Honest Reporting article about Mark Zuckerberg being portrayed as an evil Jewish octopus (yes Jewish, his nose is NOT big enough to be characturized that way so don’t even go there) I made a new poster showing how quickly the folks at Süddeutsche Zeitung forget their own history.

Let’s hope Bibi’s unfortunate shadow puppet is not any kind of foreshadowing, because we don’t need any reminders.

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  • Mario Augusto Puga Valera

    The political orientation somewhat changed. In the past, the Far Right endorsed the worst of antisemitism. Nowadays, it’s the Far left that embraces it as “Anti-Zionism” (of course, many wingnut fellow travellers join the show).

    • Tom

      Sorry, but there is a thing called “left nationalists”. Look at the communists.
      The Nazis’ original (full-) name was “national socialists”.
      There are by far more fascists and antisemites in the left and far left side of politics.

      • unpluggged

        Communist ideology has nothing to do with nationalism and opposes it as its worst enemy.

        • Tom

          Read the historic facts. It’s very simple. Nazis were “Nationals” and yes, communists were also fanatics about their country. So, no, nationalist-fanatics are not necessarily from the right-spectrum.

          • unpluggged

            Those “communists” you are talking about had nothing to do with communism. So read the historic facts. The true communist leaders gave away huge parts of territory, thus creating numerous states on the ruins of the former Russian Empire. They gave broadest autonomy to minorities for the first time in history. The first decree of Lenin’s government was to pull out of the nearly-won WWI.

            Don’t forget that while Hitler was committed to eliminating Jews, communists allowed them to be part of their government.

            You in the West have been making the same mistake for decades by equating stalinism and communism. Stalin had nothing in common with communists whom he “purged”, and had much in common with Hitler, including imperialist aspirations.

  • Apartheidthynameispalestine

    100% correct Mario. The ultra left are the nufascists

  • Kim

    is the bottom right image the other one which dates from the 21st century?

  • http://mapugavalera86.pe/ Mario Augusto Puga Valera

    Some antisemite commented on this article, in response to my claims.
    I love how racist douchebags argue they aren’t racist douchebags.