The Apartheid Smear

This pamphlet, put out by the Britain Israel Communications & Research Center (BICOM), does an excellent job to tackle the “disingenuous Israel is an Apartheid state” accusation (hat tip: Natan).

The Apartheid Smear

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  • kane Ali

    These pro-Israel pamphlets on apartheid fall flat to the general public for one simple reason.
    Everyone knows there is no Apartheid within Israel-proper. What the Pro-Palestinians advocates are talking about, is what occurs within the Israeli ruled occupied territories (West Bank, Gaza, Jerusalem).
    Until hasbara can address that in a substantial way, Israel will continue to lose the debate in the public square.

    • AussieDave

      Baloney! And we’ll let the “general public” decide that, not a transparent Israel hater and troll.

      What did I tell you about coming on here and trying to spread your propaganda. Do not bother commenting here again.

      • Predictor92

        the amazing thing is that it actually does deal with the territories(from page 37 onward), the thing says that those accusing Israel ignore the lack of a final status agreement(it acknowledges that most of the rural settlements will be part of the new state of Palestine). He ignores the Goldstone quote about the west bank. He ignores that the pamphlet is honest(it does say that their are difficulties)

        • juvanya

          Well Israel does implement policies that are quite similar to what the South African rulers had implemented. The difference is that South Africa did it for racist reasons; Israel does it for security reasons. There is nothing immoral about restricting to movement of violent persons on YOUR OWN LAND, which is what many of the highways are. Falsestinian supporters act like Falsestinians are supposed to have free reign on the world. No, Israel has every right to impose borders and enforce them. Not that I agree with borders, but the point is that Israel is no different from any other country in the world, and dozens, including many Western countries, are far more ruthless, brutal, and evil than Israel could even dream of being.

  • anneinpt

    The main trouble with the Apartheid smear is that it doesn’t need (or use) facts. Anyone who is interested in the facts will see the truth for themselves, though this pamphlet from BICOM is excellent and a wonderful resource.

    The smear works purely on an emotional level, and we Israel advocates need to find a similarly emotion-evoking manner to counter the smears. Eylon Aslan Levy in the Times of Israel has an inventive way.

    1. Dress up as a suicide bomber. Throw on an explosive
    belt, wrap your face in a keffiyeh and grab an AK-47. Run towards the
    Wall at full speed, shouting, “Allahu Akbar!” When you hit the Wall,
    fall over and rub your head, muttering “D’oh!” in the style of Homer

    2. Recreate a bomb scene in a replica café.
    Set up tables, chairs and a bar with an espresso machine, then knock
    everything over, sprinkle shrapnel everywhere, splatter fake blood on
    the floor, sprinkle some crushed glass, and include some rubber limbs –
    including those of children – for good measure

    3. Hand out sweets in the street. When sceptical members of the public ask what the catch is, tell them you are celebrating a suicide bombing in a Tel Aviv nightclub.

    He points out the main problem with this:

    But this would all be rather distasteful

    And therein lies the inescapable problem. Israel has too much
    self-respect to expect its activists to appeal to the court of public
    opinion through sob stories.

    We DO need to crawl down to their level if we’re going to counter such vicious smears.

    • JMF

      How about using spitballs?

      In any discussion with a hater, have a supply of spitballs handy. Every so often, throw one. Try to make it random. After a while the hater is going to get annoyed and (a) complain or (b) attack physically.

      In either case (all right, in case b, after fending off the attack), smile sweetly and say “If you can’t stand harmless little spitballs for less than an hour, how do you expect Israelis to put up with murderous bombs for years?”

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  • JRmo

    Here’s how a “hater” will handle the facts. “Fact fact fact fact fact”… but you’re still an apartheid state! “More fact fact fact fact…” but you’re still an apartheid state. I don’t think the people who shriek Apartheid even believe it themselves, but it works for them, so they won’t ever give it up.

  • Sev

    All of this boycotting business painfully reminds me of the boycott of Jewish stores in Germany shortly before the holocaust… :(

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