Ukraine Is Burning? Crimea River!


The Ukrainian Über-Real Production of Les Miserables

A socially conscious defender of human rights and advocate of democracy for all might be tempted to automatically side with the opposition in Ukraine. Indeed the entire “crisis” is being painted in the mainstream media as a battle between the evil and corrupt Victor Yanukovych backed by the even more evil, homophobic, dog hating Putin and that paragon of democracy, tolerance and human rights….. the European Union. I’m not going to give my analysis of the conflict – you can choose your own poison as it were as to which news agency is giving a fair and balanced coverage of the F-A-C-T-S.

What concerns me is the fate of the 200000 plus Jews that remain in Ukraine and the extremely worrisome news that Edward Dolinsky, the head of the umbrella organization of Ukraine’s Jews now feels sufficiently in danger that he has reached out to Avigdor Liberman to request that the State of Israel assist in securing the safety of the community, and furthermore:

On Friday Ukrainian Rabbi Moshe Reuven Azman asked Kiev Jews to leave the city and, if possible, the country, due to fears that Jews might be targeted in the ongoing chaos. The Israel National News reported Friday that some Jewish shops have been vandalized and other threats to the Jewish community have been received. “I told my congregation to leave the city center or the city all together and if possible the country too…I don’t want to tempt fate…but there are constant warnings concerning intentions to attack Jewish institutions,” Rabbi Azman told Maariv.

Indeed yesterday, The Times Of Israel reported that a Ukrainian synagogue in Zaporizhia (south of Kiev) has sustained damage as it was the target of a firebomb attack.

None of this is particularly surprising, given the history of Jew hatred in Ukraine. During elections accusations of being Jewish are a common way of discrediting a politician, and Oleg Tyahnybok the head of the “far right” nationalist opposition party Svoboda has said recently that Ukraine is being controlled by a Muscovite-Jewish mafia. Ironically in 2010 during presidential elections, deposed Prime Minister, and now one of the leaders of the opposition (and Princess Leia doppelgänger) Yulia Tymoshenko was also accused of being a Jew.

Yulia Leia

Separated at birth – Princess Leia & Yulia Tymoshenko

So what am I getting at? I don’t know what is to become of Ukraine. Just like in Syria, it seems to me like there are no good guys in play here and I am not ashamed to admit I don’t really care what happens to the rest of the country as long as they are scapegoating my own people  - and in this case I REALLY mean my own people since my Grandmother fled Ukraine from anti-Semitic Cossacks in the early 20th Century for Australia.

Jews of Ukraine – its time to come home. To Israel.

About Jono Rose

Having been brainwashed at a young age, Jono moved to Occupied Palestine 20+ years ago from Australia. After 15 years selling insipid Jew technology to immoral, BDS snubbing foreigners he decided the ultimate evil would be to sell the cancerous Zionist Regime as a product itself. He now works selling luxury private tours of the heinous Zionazi hellhole to infidel supporters of Apartheid, colonialism and Western Imperialism.


  • steven

    To Shimon Chaim Ben Michael. So would Klitscko his grandmother was Jewish and he hasn’t made anti Jewish statements like tymonshenko

    • Shimon

      Like I said, no excuse for antisemitism.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Yes, my grandmothers left Odessa for the U.S. for the same reason. Ukrainian Jews deserve first-class citizenship and one country will reward them with it immediately.

  • Harvela

    My paternal grandparents from Odessa too

  • Fenway Nation

    Hate to say it, but if what I’ve been hearing about the Svoboda party (even from non Kremlin influenced sources) is true, then yes….it would probably would be best if Ukraine’s Jews start packing for Israel.
    I’m hoping that Ukraine’s current dependence on Russian gas combined with the fairly recent discoveries in the Tamar and Leviathan basin off Israel’s coast will make even the most rabid Ukrainian anti-Semite reconsider re-enacting kristallnacht- might be too much to ask of them, tho’

  • Hard Little Machine

    Exactly. We were sitting around the table chatting about this.We came to the conclusion “Point all the Jews to the airport and as for the rest of them f^ck em let the whole place burn to the ground.”

  • juvanya

    My maternal grandfather was born in Ukraine, but left at age 2. The country has always fascinated me and I would like to visit it and have thought of moving there. It really isnt that unsafe to Jews. This is just general paranoia about an unstable situation. This is not like current Greece or 1920s Germany. And its a lot different from Syria. The protestors are basically good guys, altho their leaders are a bit more mixed. Yanukovych isnt even that bad. He won two elections and has support from half the country. What Ukraine really needs to do is split in half.

    • Dafna Yee

      By all means, if you are that blind to what is going on in the world in general and the Ukraine in particular, you are a fool, but good luck.

  • Pensiveus

    Oleg Tyahnibok elected by the rada to the new Attorney General in the temporary government of Ukrane.

    The UN should condemn Israel.

  • JRmo

    You win the best pun of the decade! My folks came from Ukraine in 1917. No love lost, from the stories I heard.