Zionist Balloons Infiltrate Saudi Arabia


Old and busted: 99 Luftballoons

New hotness: Zionist Death BalloonsTM

balloonsWind carried several Israeli balloons into Saudi Arabia, where a resident said he found them while on a picnic in the Gulf Kingdom.

The Saudi said he was having a ride by his car with his family in an area close to the northern Saudi town of Rafha when he saw the balloons.

“The balloons carried writings in Hebrew …they are believed to have been unleashed during a festival in Israel and found their way into Saudi Arabia,” Sabq newspaper said, quoting the unnamed man.

The balloons really traveled a long way.

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For the Hebraic-ally challenged, the writing on them is:

To Gabriel!

Pleasant release (from the army after his 3 years service) and bon voyage

Hardly a festival. Then again, this is hardly a story.

Unless you are paranoid and living in the Arab world.

Or a blog mocking this mentality.

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