Ronson Rips Roger


Sir Gerald Ronson – British business tycoon, philanthropist and proud Jew – has ripped Roger Waters for being antisemitic (hat tip: Ambrosine).

gerald ronsonThe hostilities between Roger Waters and the Jewish community has intensified with Sir Gerald Ronson accusing the co-founder of the rock band Pink Floyd of being anti-Semitic.

At a dinner of the Community Security Trust at the Grosvenor House Hotel attended by Ed Miliband, Dominic Grieve, Ed Balls and Ephraim Mirvis, the Chief Rabbi, Sir Gerald, the charity’s chairman, made withering reference to the rock star, pictured. “You may remember Roger Waters from the rock band Pink Floyd,” he said. “Nowadays, at his concerts, he has a giant inflatable pig with a huge Star of David scrawled across it.”

To scornful laughter from his audience, he added: “But, he insists that he is only anti-Israel, and is not, of course, anti-Semitic.” Sir Gerald was referring to an inflatable pig, stamped with the Star of David, that Waters, a vociferous champion of Palestine, floated during a concert in Brussels last year.

As loud as the protests about the stunt were, he later compared the Israeli government to the Nazis.

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