Another IDF Spokesperson Snafu: 122mm Mortar Shells


I’m retracting what I said about the IDF spokesperson in my previous post about the amateurish Merkava Tank video. Apparently it IS often we bash them.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past week, you know about the Klos-C cargo ship, intercepted by IDF in the Red Sea with Iranian arms on board.

Well today, after unloading it, the final arms tally is here:


The problem?

There’s no such thing as a 122mm mortar shell.

There’s either a 120mm or a 152mm calibre mortar or mortar shell.

122mm calibre may apply to rockets, like the BM-21 “Grad”, or howitzer cannons like the D-30.

One of the photos published by the IDF clearly shows that these are indeed 120mm mortars shells (tucked beside the M-302 rocket):


Compare with the previous Iranian weapons smuggling attempt on board the Victoria:

Victoria boat in ashdod port  16-3-11

The official IDF press release stated this incorrect fact, thereby being quoted by all the news outlets in Israel.

Imagine, if you will, a car manufacturer press release about a new car that gets the horsepower rating wrong. Or a historian that writes about an event but types the wrong year. This is unprofessional.

My 2 centsmillimeters.

Update: I’m right.

Another image, you can clearly see it said 120mm mortar HE


Iran’s DIO (Defense Industries Organizaion) makes this type of mortar shell.

Also, Haaretz’a military correspondent just tweeted this:


Okay, it turns out these were 120 mm mortars, and not as distributed by the army

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