Israel Apartheid Week: Where’s the Money?


Recent headlines announced, OMG, that the poor Palestinian Authority has trouble paying its electric and water bills.

Certainly I can appreciate that, I really hate paying those high utility bills too.

After the US and EU has given PA leaders billions of dollars in donations over the years, one should ask, so where did all that money go?

(Besides the obvious millions spent on arms and weapons and monthly payments to reward those who murder Israeli citizens for the crime of eating in a cafe or riding a bus.)

Driving along in the Shomron, one sees all kinds of housing – Israeli and Arab, old and new, big and small, and lots of illegal, but that is all for other posts.

High on top of a hill, there is one house that really stands out and up against the heavens, so high and far, to take a photo, I needed full zoom lens and then had to crop the photo.

PA finance3 @REal;Jstreets4Israellycool

Ever wonder where billions of PA dollars went?

Ask Arafat’s  former financial adviser, here’s his home.


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