Israel Haters Planned To Have Pro-Israel Twitter Accounts Suspended


Back in December, an online anti-Israel group posted a list of pro-Israel Twitter accounts with a view to getting them suspended (hat tip: Deebo).

hey there…
here u r a list of twitter accounts that you may get them annoying u so u wanna get their accounts suspended or just keep an eye on if they r big enough to be suspended (Zionist trolls)

***Zionist accounts:
@BetOnMisr ***
@RebbeDavid ***
@zzgab ****
@Tsipora777 ***
@MazalBenat ***

#Zionist accounts (big accounts) :
@LDJ_France ***


and once u catch one bug u get more… 🙂
thnx for ur efforts btw …

You may notice a couple of Israellycool contributors in that list.

I am posting this – along with the below screenshots – as evidence that this is a thing, and if Twitter receives any complaints about these pro-Israel accounts or others, they should be aware it is likely part of such a vicious cyber bullying campaign to silence pro-Israel advocates.


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