Zionist Heart Disease Of DeathTM


A Hamashole has bitten the dust, not due to vaporiation or premature explodation but rather heart disease.

Guess who’s fault it is?

majdi hammadAl Qassam Brigades mourned on Wednesday evening the freed prisoner Majdi Hammad who passed away after a long struggle with heart disease that began in Israeli prisons.

In a press release, the Brigades said that the martyr Hammad is one of the first generation of Ezzdeen Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas movement.

After he spent more than 20 years, Hammad was released from Israeli occupation prisons in the prisners swap deal in 2011, in which Hamas freed 1027 palestinian prisoner in return for the Israeli soldier Shalit.

The occupation sentenced him to six life terms in prison in addition to 30 years, where he was considered one of the leaders in prison.

It is worth to note that a lot of Palestinian freed prisoner are still suffering from hard diseases due to Israeli medical neglect policy that aims to kill the palestinians slowly.

An ingenious plan to be sure! Jail terrorists instead of killing them, just so we can deny them medical services to kill them more slowly while putting added strain on our prison services.

Alternatively, Majdi Hammad  – who earned 19 life sentences for planning a suicide bombing that killed 17 people and injured 53 – lived the good life he denied his victims, and was ultimately undone by bad genes or an unhealthy relationship with cheese burgers.

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