The 3 Reasons BDS Really Is BS


It would be an understatement to say that the BDS movement is a discriminatory one.  It targets Israelis just for being Israelis (and let’s leave aside for the moment the anti-Semitic undertones that led to this fad).

Lately, the routine is as follows:

  1. Musician announces a performance in Israel
  2. Social media accounts flooded by BDS supporters
  3. Inevitably a rebuttal from the pro-Israel team
  4. A 10 mile-long comment string of endless mind-numbing arguments which you know the artist is not going to sit there and read.
  5. Musician either decides to
    1. Cancel the show because of a sudden change in heart,
    2. Cancel the show because they received violent threats (which BDS-holes will still nonetheless claim as a win <- 1st hit as not to directly link to Abumination)
    3. Just say, “Up yours BDSand perform in Israel anyway.
  6. Pro-Israel crowd claims BDS Fail / BDS wallows in their hate-filled glory.

But is BDS’s stated goal of putting economic and political pressure on Israel to meet all its demands really its actual goal?  How exactly is boycotting an Israeli-owned shop or getting artists to not play in Israel going to change the Israeli government’s position.  No one in their right mind thinks Israel is going to put millions of Israeli citizens at risk of terrorism so that Neil Young plays his show.

So here are the 3 signs BDS has a much darker ulterior motive.

1. They Don’t Target Anyone Who Would Actually Help Achieve Their Stated Goal

When news breaks over a BDS operation, notice how they only target those that would make zero impact on Israel’s economy. Outside Israel the targets are chosen solely because they have an Israeli owner. It’s a chocolate shop in Australia. A toy store in South Africa. In some cases, an individual-owned toiletry store in Vancouver.

Why bother with these targets?

First of all, it shows how blatantly discriminatory they are by targeting people based on nothing but their national origin. They have a tendency to turn violent. What kind of image does that give this so called “peaceful” movement?

For the last time... ixnay on the ewsjay...
For the last time… ixnay on the ewsjay…

Imagine a bunch of people showing up outside a Chinese couple’s corner store in downtown Vancouver to protest the human rights abuses in China.  How well do you think that campaign will go?

Why don't we see them try?
Why don’t we see them try?

Meanwhile as they spend their time and energy with small potatoes, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Noble Energy pour billions of dollars into Israel’s economy.  Targeting a face cream for boycott up against the positive investment Israel is receiving is like hacking at a leaf to bring down a tree.

Not to mention, Palestinians themselves are not boycotting Israel. It’s not like they don’t have a choice.

So there must be some purpose to all this. Well here it is. Attention. By attacking the most vulnerable people they increase their chance of success. They get coverage. If they go against a larger company (who usually have anti-boycott regulations in place in accordance with the law) no one will listen.  The purpose of this attention is not to force Israel to sway their policies. It’s to sway the public’s opinion against Israel

2. They Harm The Very People They Claim To Help

The whole SodaStream fiasco is done.  Scarlett Johannson has clearly made her decision. I know it’s hard for the BDS-holes to swallow but, I’m sorry it’s done.  BDS-holes whine that she chose money over morals. Nope Scarlett knows exactly where her morals are.

"Ahem. Up here."
“Ahem. Up here.”

But here’s the take-home message that BDS and Oxfam left us.  They care more about harming Israel than helping Palestinians.

We always knew that the success of Israelis and the success of Palestinians are not mutually exclusive.  We are not fighting for the pie, we’re trying to make more pie.  No matter what you see the media hyperbolize, the facts on the ground are that Israelis and Palestinians do business together routinely. 

People who saw the SodaStream factory with their own eyes instantly changed their opinion because they saw a microcosm of the ideal situation for Israel/Palestine in this factory in Ma’ale Adumim.  No “taking advantage of low wage Palestinians” because everyone receives equal compensation and opportunities for advancement.

This incident is not isolated.  Palestinians know the benefits of economic cooperation with Israelis.  Thousands cross the green line every day to work in Israel.  BDS to Palestinians means, “You don’t want us to work or have business opportunities available to us.”  But don’t listen to me. Take it from Abu Mazen himself.

So why does BDS bother you ask? They are not trying to help Palestinians. Only harm Israel.  Golda Meir said, “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us”.  Well here it is in live form.

3. They Are Not Solving The Conflict, Just Adding More People To It

BDS claims they seek an end to the conflict.  How can one seek an end to a conflict if they only cater to one side of it?

Let’s take a tiny little circle with oh, 8 million people in it.  50% of these people are completely apolitical.  All they care about is getting up in the morning, going to their jobs so that they can raise their families in comfort.  The 45% have opinions but would rather talk about sports, music, cars, cuisine or how hot Jennifer Lawrence is. The remaining 4.5% are pissed off and active about their opinions – about the price of cottage cheese or Haredi rights or some other domestic issue. The remaining 0.5% are actively pissed off about the Arab-Israeli conflict.


So is BDS working to resolve the differences for this 0.5%?

LOL. Nope.

So far they have taken celebrities who formerly had no opinion on the matter, never bothered to really read about it and are just generally unfamiliar with the situation, saw them as clean canvasses with which to paint their lies on them however they wish.  Suddenly, an artist who once just wanted to share his or her music with people all over the world develops an opinion.  An opinion that the artist will now try to share with all their fans. And BDS won’t stop at just an opinion.  They want them to get to that 0.5% pissed-off stage. And that’s how we got Roger Waters.

Now this strategy can go both ways.  BDS can get an easily manipulated celebrity to believe them, or it will completely backfire when they happen upon one who actually knows their stuff. The fans who were once simply music fans are persuaded this way or that way on some conflict a half a world away. And voila! BDS has just increased the size of the conflict beyond our original little circle.

How does that solve a conflict?  It doesn’t.   Are they simply “creating awareness” of the situation?  Well I don’t believe “misinforming” is the same as “creating awareness”. We all know that one thing is certain. BDS doesn’t want to end the so called occupation. They don’t want to end the conflict. They want to end Israel.

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