Muslim Man Threatens On Twitter To “Knock Out” A Jew He Has Photographed

Earlier today, Jono thought he had come across the most despicable tweet ever.

While it is right up there (or should that be ‘down’), a new contender has emerged.

Yadbyaduk, who drew this to our attention, inform us that they reported this to the police. Here’s hoping the authorities do something about it.

The guy who tweeted this desire to physically hurt a Jewish man he never met describes himself as a 19 year-old palestinian who goes to Middlesex University. This information has also been forwarded to the police, so besides being charged with a hate crime, he’ll hopefully also be turfed out of that academic institution.

For the record, here’s what he looks like.


Meanwhile, in case you think his desire to beat up a Jew stems from a hatred of Israel alone..

Update: Looks like Twitter suspended his account or he took it down.

Update: I see the pics in the tweets are not appearing now.

Here is a screenshot of the offending tweet.

capture of tweet

And here is a photo of the youth in question (he is the one of the left):


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  • Hard Little Machine

    Find that mug and curbstomb him.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Find that mug and curbstomb him.

  • steven

    That little dwarft couldn’t punch his baby sister hard enough to maker cry

  • AlexC

    His account is back up, looks like he’s learned his lesson, talking about “Israelis” following him, the shitstain

  • Ayyoub_17

    To all reading, this is Ayyoub. I have already apologised for my actions to the 2 main accounts who took offense, and if i’m honest i don’t know what more to do as the tweets also no longer exist since i realised that my immature and childish joke was uncalled for. Once again sorry, and i’d really appreciate if people would stop giving this more attention then it should be getting as it’s not something to be proud about. I’d also appreciate if my information wasn’t still up here as i do not appreciate being harrassed when it’s sorted out already, and i admitted being wrong. Thank you.
    I am not Anti Jew, Anti Semetic, or anything like that sort. It was a silly joke gone too far.

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