BDS Fail Of The Day: Anti-SodaStream Site Gets Name Of “Settlement” Wrong


There’s a new website promoting the boycott of SodaStream, called SodaScream (see what they did there?)

It is flashy, and contains this Finnish campaign video.

The video and campaign are highly dishonest – for example, hiding the fact Sodastream provides livelihoods for almost a thousand palestinians.

But more than that, these BDSHoles do not even know the name of the location of the SodaStream factory!

From their Why Is SodaStream Problematic? page:

mishor adumin

You have to love the fact they get the name of the “settlement” wrong right above the section entitled “What is a settlement?”!

You see, the name of the “settlement” is Ma’aleh Adumim. Mishor Adumim is the name of an industrial zone within Ma’ale Adumim.

This is an embarrassingly bad error, considering Ma’aleh Adumim isn’t some dinky village but rather a city of about 40,000 inhabitants. Anyone with the most basic knowledge of Israel could not make this mistake.

So yeah, what I’m saying is if these BDSHoles get such a fundamental thing wrong, what does it say about their knowledge of the real situation, or their regard for the truth?

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