“Knock This Jew Out” Youth And His Fake Apology

Remember the 19-year-old palestinian Middlesex student who expressed his desire to knock out a Jewish man next to whom he was standing?

capture of tweet

A number of people reported this to the police and I noted Twitter either suspended his account or he took it down.

After his despicable tweet was publicized, he wrote a number of private tweets to Yadbyaduk, “apologizing” for what he had done.

In regards to my tweet, it was a very stupid, childish and immature joke which should not have happened. I am not a rascist, nor do i hate Jews, or anyone for that fact.

I understand how it must have made you feel, and i am sorry for any grief and anger i may have caused.

I assure you this, or anything like it, will never happen again. It was a moment of stupidity, and i am sorry sir/madam.

The question was did he really feel remorse, or was he just trying to protect himself since he had been caught?

Well, I think we now have an answer. The youth has reactivated his Twitter account, changed his name to “Montana” and has tweeted the following:


And this barely understandable one:

He also retweeted this:


The word “Ya7oodi” seemingly representing “Yahoodi”, which is Arabic for “Jew.”

Then there’s this:

hitler tweet

What he has not tweeted is a public apology for the tweet that landed him in hot water.

Does this look like someone really remorseful of expressing his desire to commit a hate crime against Jews?

Of someone who does not really hate Jews?

I’ll let the police and Middlesex University decide.



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Middlesex University student threatens to “knock out” Jewish man | Stand for Peace
31 March 2014 at 4:03pm
[…] the Twitter user, @Ayyoub_17 (now deactivated), issued a private apology soon ...

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  • steven
  • Travis

    He has a real future in British politics.

  • Travis

    Reading his Twitter feed ramblings and attempts at being profound, confirms to me that Twitter is one of the dumbest inventions of all time.

    • IronyDome

      I agree.

      “There is small talk, there’s really small talk, and then there’s Twitter.” –PJ O’Rourke

  • AlexC

    “Bare” is slang for many/loads, “Do one” is a shorter version of “eff off and do one” and “Israelis” means Jews when you when you want to hide your anti-Semitism, Middlesex Uni isn’t far from me, I’d love to be on a bus with this little scrote

  • Ayyoub_17

    Your clearly obsessed with me. You need to get on with your life, stop watching what i do because of what i did. I don’t know what more you expect me to do, and i very much do not appreciate the fact that you take my apology and depict it into something different. I have said sorry, i’m saying sorry now again, and you can clearly see the tweets do not exist anymore so that nobody else takes offence. Move on with your life as i have with mine.

    • AussieDave

      You tweeted something extremely troubling and instead of tweeting a public
      apology and denunciation of violence and antisemitism against Jews, you did it privately, followed by some more problematic tweets, indicating you were not sincere and likely covering your ass. So, no, I won’t drop it.

      What would I like you to do? How about you publicly apologize, quit tweeting antisemitic things, educate yourself about the history of the Middle East and Israel and preach love, not hate.

      • Ayyoub_17

        I’ve already got rid of the troubling tweets, i’ve apologised more than once and on your great old popular blog too which i’m sure makes more dofference than on Twitter. Also i know longer have access to my Twitter account so i hooe your pleased. You seem more interested in blogging than you do of solving the problem which is solved already, stop dragging it out.

        • nuntcugget

          Are you denying you are also Montana?

  • Ayyoub_17

    I don’t know what else you want me to do, i thought this issue was resolved but you seem to want to keep it dragging on as it gives you something to write about. Drop it and get on with your life. Be the bigger man.

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