“Knock This Jew Out” Youth And His Fake Apology


Remember the 19-year-old palestinian Middlesex student who expressed his desire to knock out a Jewish man next to whom he was standing?

capture of tweet

A number of people reported this to the police and I noted Twitter either suspended his account or he took it down.

After his despicable tweet was publicized, he wrote a number of private tweets to Yadbyaduk, “apologizing” for what he had done.

In regards to my tweet, it was a very stupid, childish and immature joke which should not have happened. I am not a rascist, nor do i hate Jews, or anyone for that fact.

I understand how it must have made you feel, and i am sorry for any grief and anger i may have caused.

I assure you this, or anything like it, will never happen again. It was a moment of stupidity, and i am sorry sir/madam.

The question was did he really feel remorse, or was he just trying to protect himself since he had been caught?

Well, I think we now have an answer. The youth has reactivated his Twitter account, changed his name to “Montana” and has tweeted the following:


And this barely understandable one:

He also retweeted this:


The word “Ya7oodi” seemingly representing “Yahoodi”, which is Arabic for “Jew.”

Then there’s this:

hitler tweet

What he has not tweeted is a public apology for the tweet that landed him in hot water.

Does this look like someone really remorseful of expressing his desire to commit a hate crime against Jews?

Of someone who does not really hate Jews?

I’ll let the police and Middlesex University decide.



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