Released Palestinian Builds New Life


Christa Case Bryant published a piece in The Christian Science Monitor, that is so sweet, well, it turned my stomach.

“After two decades in prison limbo, released Palestinian rebuilds his life”

image of terrorist. photo released prisoner

And there is, his sitting and smiling with the caption,”Khaled Asakreh talks about his newfound freedom in his living room, which is decorated by new curtains and couches, as well as plaques commemorating his 22-year imprisonment in Israeli jail, March 31, 2014.”

A few choice quotes to give you an idea of why I am upset:

“When visitors arrive on a recent evening, he is alone – a rarity for any Palestinian – in his gleaming new home, courtesy of the Palestinian Authority’s strong financial support for prisoners. He has two TVs and four rooms of brand-new furniture.”


“Meanwhile, 78 prisoners, including Asakreh, are rebuilding their lives after decades in prison. They have significant help – the PA pays all prisoners a handsome monthly stipend while in prison, which continues at a higher rate after their release, and provides some dental and health care benefits. They also enjoy celebrity status in their communities.”


“After decades of sleeping in a prison bed so narrow that he would fall out if he rolled over, he sleeps on just a sliver of his huge new bed. And he says he and fellow prisoners find it hard at times to relate to others.”


“All the women and their families think I’m a rich man and I have a bucket of money,” he says. “I think it’s commercial more than love or real life. I couldn’t agree with this. I tried to find a woman who would support me.”

Well, he found someone and plans to marry,

“Now he and his fiancée are planning their future. He’s hoping for just two children, and is relatively optimistic about their future.”

And oh yeah, by the way,

buried way down in the text, it does mention that:

“he was convicted in 1991 for murdering French tourist Annie Ley in Bethlehem.”

Annie Ley was a  64 year old woman who he stabbed to death while she was in a Bethlehem restaurant where he worked.

As Kerry pushes and Abbas blackmails for more prisoners to be released, the media seems to forget, over look and ignore, that oh yeah the reason that they are in jail for so long, is that they viciously murdered innocent people!

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