Released Palestinian Builds New Life

 published a piece in The Christian Science Monitor, that is so sweet, well, it turned my stomach.

“After two decades in prison limbo, released Palestinian rebuilds his life”

image of terrorist. photo released prisoner

And there is, his sitting and smiling with the caption,”Khaled Asakreh talks about his newfound freedom in his living room, which is decorated by new curtains and couches, as well as plaques commemorating his 22-year imprisonment in Israeli jail, March 31, 2014.”

A few choice quotes to give you an idea of why I am upset:

“When visitors arrive on a recent evening, he is alone – a rarity for any Palestinian – in his gleaming new home, courtesy of the Palestinian Authority’s strong financial support for prisoners. He has two TVs and four rooms of brand-new furniture.”


“Meanwhile, 78 prisoners, including Asakreh, are rebuilding their lives after decades in prison. They have significant help – the PA pays all prisoners a handsome monthly stipend while in prison, which continues at a higher rate after their release, and provides some dental and health care benefits. They also enjoy celebrity status in their communities.”


“After decades of sleeping in a prison bed so narrow that he would fall out if he rolled over, he sleeps on just a sliver of his huge new bed. And he says he and fellow prisoners find it hard at times to relate to others.”


“All the women and their families think I’m a rich man and I have a bucket of money,” he says. “I think it’s commercial more than love or real life. I couldn’t agree with this. I tried to find a woman who would support me.”

Well, he found someone and plans to marry,

“Now he and his fiancée are planning their future. He’s hoping for just two children, and is relatively optimistic about their future.”

And oh yeah, by the way,

buried way down in the text, it does mention that:

“he was convicted in 1991 for murdering French tourist Annie Ley in Bethlehem.”

Annie Ley was a  64 year old woman who he stabbed to death while she was in a Bethlehem restaurant where he worked.

As Kerry pushes and Abbas blackmails for more prisoners to be released, the media seems to forget, over look and ignore, that oh yeah the reason that they are in jail for so long, is that they viciously murdered innocent people!

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  • dabney_c


    • Real Jstreets

      Truly, shameful.

  • Steve

    I can’t tell you how disgusting I find that article. The fact that he murdered an innocent tourist is buried in the last few paragraphs and summed up in one line. Also, the fact that the PA chooses to bankroll this degenerate and that the Palestinian community treats him as a “celebrity” according to the article speaks volumes about the moral integrity of many Palestinians.

    I find it laughable that she calls Arafat “the late fighter turned peacemaker”. What a gross distortion of history. I can’t imagine this article would ever be written if the subject was about some terrorist who murdered people in the US or in London. We wouldn’t be calling them “fighters” and detailing their new life. We would simply refer to them as murderers no different than Ted Bundy, Osama Bin Laden, or the Tsarnaev brothers.

    The peace process nor Palestinians grievances were not advanced by the murder of a 64 year old French tourist while she was eating dinner. Any decent and scrupulous person would see that right away and refrain from penning an article which casts this murderer in a favorable light.

    • Real Jstreets

      Thank you, exactly why as I had to write this blog post. So glad to hear from you.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    And where do you think all that money for those financial stipends ultimately comes from? If you need any clues, ask your foreign office or the State Department.

    • Real Jstreets

      So glad he has two TVs, etc and PA does not have enough money to pay Israel for PA electric bills, so mine will go up to cover it all. Certainly a good way to advance peace.

  • Esther Suzern

    Send him to Dickie Silverstein’s house. As sperm donor

  • Tom

    Interestingly when the victims are Joooooos then the whole world is watching and talking about “releasing prisoners”. Get it, prisoners? Not cold blood murderes!!!
    This world is just insane. Mean while a person name Jonathan Pollard is sitting decades for a spy case. Go figure this logic.
    Why aren’t Jewish murderers released? I just don’t get it. What did all this releasing give the State of Israel in the first place? The the fakestinians will agree to sit at a table in the David Citadel and drink 50 Shekel-bottled water???? This is soooo insane.
    Again: “Suicide State”. No other words for it.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Car bomb him and his wife.

  • unpluggged

    Don’t blame Apebama and Kerry. Blame Bibi. It’s Bibi who releases murderers and bandits instead of killing them on the spot. It’s Bibi who turned prisons for murderers into sanitariums and universities. It’s Bibi who bends and gives his tuches to his Black Overlord.

  • Gabor Fränkl

    The creature going by the name “Chrysta Case Bryant” who wrote this piece and many others for this often inciting anti-Israel “newspaper” is a well-known totally biased one-sided agit-propagandist Irish-American old-school antisemite, in other words: bigoted racist, from Massachussets. The “woman” is a proven antisemite racist who habitually and routinely takes side with her fellow Palestinian mass murderers.

  • harriet

    Was the French tourist JEwish?

    • Sharon A

      No, the French tourist was a non-Jew who was simply eating in a Bethleham restaurant when he decided to avenge for Allah

  • IronyDome

    Liberalism truly is a mental disorder. I just saw another one of these crap pieces about the released Palestinian who murdered a Holocaust survivor. I saw one awhile ago about the Syrian cannibal rebel too. Why on earth would anyone write such a sickeningly sweet article about a murderer’s daily life and hopes and dreams as if he’s a normal guy like everybody else? Why does the West wring its hands and go out of its way to make killers look like poor, misunderstood people? Why don’t his victims get this kind of PR? Would someone like Robert Spencer or Michelle Bachmann ever get an article about their life and work? No, because they’re raaaacists to the libtards. But murderers are just fine.

    But notice how they’re only about Arab Muslim murderers. These kinds of articles are never about OJ or the Unabomber (and rightly so), but only the politically correct murderers.

    The blame-the-victim and excuse-the-murderer mental illness that is rampant in the West today pisses me off to no end. The West was once a lion but has become a mouse.

  • Dafna Yee

    That Netanyahu still hasn’t learned ANYTHING about how his “negotiating” has damaged not only Israel, but the standing of all Jews everywhere, is simply criminal! Every time he gave in to Obama, Kerry, or Abbas (it doesn’t matter who actually said it), Israel lost standing in the eyes of the world (that includes US Jews and the UN). Originally, Netanyahu said that he would not release prisoners, but he gave in just like he’s done on EVERY issue and what everyone expects him to keep on doing so Israel’s word has lost all of its value. Not only that, but Netanyahu has been following the very lies of the Arabs and helping to delegitimize Israel and fix more firmly in everyone’s mind that Abbas is a “peace partner” and it is perfectly reasonable to expect Israel to make ridiculous concessions! Netanyahu should have set the bar by refusing to apologize to Erdogan since Israel did absolutely nothing to apologize for and that stand was important for more than just Israel’s pride; it had to do with Israel’s sovereignty! The same goes for Israel’s land, especially Jerusalem! That Netanyahu allowed others, even (or especially) Obama, to dictate where Israel could build – even though it was already part of a UN resolution – also harmed other’s perceptions of Israel’s sovereignty as well as made it easier to demand more and more concessions from Israel, even releasing murderers!!!! Personally, I’ll never forgive Netanyahu for that!!

  • mzk1_1

    It should be pointed out that the “respected” Christian Science Monitor” was anti-Israel before it was fashionable. Like the American Friends (Quaker) Service Committee, you might call them pioneers in this field.

    Frankly, this is just despicable. Reminds me of the New York Times puff piece on FOB (*) terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn which they had the misfortune of publishing on September 11, 2001.

    (*) Friend of Barack

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